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Slim Jim Randy Macho Man Savage RIP His Story and Death.

Today we lost one of the greatest Wrestlers ever, Slim Jim Randy Macho man Savage, he truly made Wrestling a great sport to watch for the fans, he is an Icon of WWE and is an all time hall of famer as well.He truly deserves the Title of Slim Jim Randy Macho Man Savage and WWE Hall of Famer Title as well for his contribution to the world of Music as well as the world of Wrestling.He is known for his famous remixes of Slim Shady and Weezy.

Slim Jim was a great singer as well, you can buy his albums on iTunes or other online sales websites.He is truly a great person who died young as fate would not allow him to complete his full life, i was truly saddened to see him go, after all I grew up Watching Slim Jim Randy Macho Man Savage wrestle and Sing later on in his career.

Macho Man actually made wrestling more fun to watch. You never knew exactly what he was going to do next, but you knew for certain it was going to be freaking awesome!

Thanks For Memories Macho Man. Macho Madness 4EVER..

Miss Elizabeth please take care of Macho Man, we will dearly miss him. God bless him. RIP

At work today, as tribute, a bunch of us all bought and Snapped into a Slim Jim at the exact same time. You will be missed Macho Man. I think its time the WWE gives him his spot in the Hall of Fame. He earned it

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