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Cockatiel Macaw Cockatoo Parrot Crop Disease Swollen Problem Baby

I recently had a discussion on the G talk platform about pet birds such as Cockatiel Macaw Cockatoo Parrot Wonderful Bird Talks discussion.So us Pet bird owners from around the world had an awesome time talking about Pet birds such as Cockatiel Macaw Cockatoo Parrot Etc, we really enjoyed the conference, if you want to join the conference, please let me know by commenting.

This was about a Cockatiel Disease of the Crop where the baby cockatiels store food
This is some of the highlights of the Pet Bird Conference-

Its eating real good but every time he eats it swells up like this it does go down but when he eats it does this what can i do for him hes about a week old

I just looked at this real good while hes blown up looks like a little peace of bedding in there

We lost the baby today we tried to do what the vet said didnt have the money to take him in

I am real sorry April I have not seen this before... i feel for your lost.

I havent seen it either this was the first time i wasnt sure what it was i called the vet they told me to feed it warm water and massage the ball i did it finally started spittingup then shortly after died

That is just horrible I am truly so sorry for you I too have had situations where there just was nothing I could do and regardless of all my efforts I didn't succeed.

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