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Ultimate PROOF That May 21 Judgement day will not happen 2011 2012

May 21 2011(Apocalyptic Day of Re conning) is predicted to be the judgement day or the End of times by a lot of people around the world, These Predictions and Premonitions have had a great effect on the general public and and they seem to be buying every other story that has been cooked up by illogical people who believe in rule of superstition rather than the rule of Logic and the Rule of Reason, the Government of USA however, has declined any reports and so has NASA over the past few years, actually since a long time.

May 21 2011 Judgement Day

Check Out this Earthquake that happened in USA on Saturday May 21 2011

Many talk about the Rogue planet Nibiru which will end civilization and life as we know it, but there have been no scientific records for such claims and they seem totally illogical as the end of earth coming from another planet is very much million to one category.There has been no such planet ever discovered and no such kind of event recorded before, where two huge planets collide.

Anyways even if the Rogue planet Nibiru  comes near earth it will be pulled by the huge gravitational forces of the Sun and the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter.

Also all other ancient civilizations point toward the Judgement day on 21 December 2012 and not on May 21 2011

Ultimate PROOF Why 2012 will not happen

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nath99 said...

Did anyone see the picture of the controversial billboard that was recently put up by another spiritual group near Camping's Family Radio’s headquarters? It directly challenges them about May 21 Judgement Day. Here is a picture of it:

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