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Harold Camping World Ending May 21st 2011 Relation 2012 Rapture

 I would like to begin with helping out my friend who is starting a Radio Station about May 21 2012 -

All you folks who want to start a traditional Christian radio station in NYC to compete head on with Harold Camping are invited to post your interest to this email address:

This is What Harold Camping Wants us to do -

Now a test of your faith an embarrassment unto yourself,Mr Camping wants you to put up may 21 2011 judgement day signs in your yard on your house on your car ,to see if you will humiliate yourself for Him ,and he hopes to get you so committed to him that you will continue after may 21 .

Many are making Anti Harold Camping Groups and One even said -

Reminder - All are welcome - BUT a special invitation to all Campingites we will have a special Bible Study on May 22 2011.

By the way Do not worry, Harold Camping can say what he wants, The World will not end in may 2011

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