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Nothing happened on 21 May 2011 All Judgement Day claims were false not true

Absolutely nothing happened on Judgement day 21 May 2011 except that some guy made a really funny video of an earthquake where his bird was fluttering about, you can see the video below.All the improbable predictions of Harold Camping and his troupe of Followers have not been realized at all, they have been proven wrong, actually utterly wrong and they need to just stop trying to get fame and hog the limelight, as I believe that is all it was, A group of people with a so called leader, trying get some fame and may be make some money out of it.Harold Camping will have some explaining to do to the people of the World, whose end he predicted would come on 21 May 2011.

Although nothing happened yesterday on a Saturday, May 21 2011, people are still of the belief that it will happen on December 21 2012, but I do not feel so, I sure it will just be a normal day like any-other day and we will all play in the sun and dance in the rain.

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