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Nibiru Planet End Of the World 2011 May| Doomsday Beginning| Crash

In history, ancient cultures such as the Mayans and the Incas warn us of a major Doomsday event in the year 2012.It may not be a single event, but may be a series of Events that eventually lead up to a Doomsday.

There have been some extremely strong signs of an approaching doom for several decades as we have seen in 2012 end of the world.The increase in the natural disasters has the scientific community including NASA pointing the Crooked finger of Doom something that we all know about,at global warming.

But these are related to 2012, but some cultures and Amateur Astronomers have predicted a Doomsday in May 21 2011 as they believe a Rogue Planet on a Hyperbolic Orbit around the Sun will crash into the earth and destroy everything on it.Nibiru is small planet about the size of a Moon.

But I say we need not worry much about this Nibiru as i have mentioned in Why 2012 will not happen.

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