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Male Pattern Baldness|Alopecia Hair Fall|Why it happens and Treatment

Male Pattern Baldness is the leading cause for Balding and Hair Fall in men, it also called as Alopecia, in medical terminology.It refers to the partial or total balding in Men due to genetics as well as some other factors which are mostly uncontrollable, Usually Male Pattern Baldness or Alopecia starts at an age about  25 + years while some may not ever go bald, but most men show signs of Hair Thinning and Balding or complete balding by the age of 40 at least.Actually 25% of men go bald by the time they are 40, so it would not be a surprise if you too are going bald at the age of 35 to 40.So Relax.

The main cause for Male Pattern Baldness or Alopecia is the role of genetics, that is, your inherited qualities from your mother and father as well as more distant relatives too.If your father was a victim of Male Pattern Baldness or any of your relatives mostly (It has been seen that the role of genetics from your mothers side of the family is more important in hair fall than your fathers) from your Mothers side suffered from Alopecia, then you can also most probably expect to see Male Pattern Baldness or Alopecia symptoms sooner or later, but some people escape this cycle of family balding completely.

Remember you can only slow it down, never completely stop Hair fall.

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