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Instant Heart attack Burger lawsuit| Triple Bypass Burger|Healthy burgers Price

A very popular fast food famous for its Instant Heart Attack Burgers in New York, New York City deli says a very much potential legal (or should we call it illegal? )appraisal to its "Instant Heart Attack" sandwich isn't kosher at all!

This is a big case of spoofing one Deli's Burger done by another burger joint just to enrage the peaceful souls around, the Heart Attack Burger Joint has filed a lawsuit and a criminal theft of Ideas Case against the Deli which seems to have stolen the name of the new burger, heart attack burger from the Triple Bypass Burger.This Lawsuit will surely result in one of the two burger joints downfall.

The "Instant Heart Attack" sandwich that is the subject of the Heart Attack Lawsuit is a mega burger of two potato pancakes (mashed tall together)and corned beef, pastrami, turkey or chicken or Pork. The price in dollars of the Heart Attack Burger is $23.95.Kind of high for a heart Attack isnt it?

The Lawsuit deli also has big  plans and even bigger profits in mind for a new "Triple Bypass" sandwich.

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