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USA People Celebrate after Osama Bin Laden's Death - Waving Flags

The people of USA were ecstatic after the death if Osama Bin Laden and hence were rejoicing in the Streets of USA everywhere.You can clearly see how much they were hurt by his actions in the past.

The recent events have sparked up some debate over the known issue of the wiki-leaks video of war crime, to that I would like to say just this -

It was NOT clear. I too at first thought it was about guns, even I knew the vid was about an incident. Secondly, the pilots CLEARLY thought it was about ARMED MEN. They weren't aware that they were shooting at civilians. THAT'S WHY THE PRESS SHIRTS EXISTS. As for the second video: It was a continuation of the first one. Where and how you (the pilots) can see it's about ambulance ????? where are the ambulance marks ???? How could the pilots know it's not about their buddies ??

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