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Blogger Recent Post and Comments not working May 2011 Blogger Problem

Yesterday while I was looking up the usual maintenance of this Blog, I noticed to my shock that my Recent Posts and My Recent Comments Widgets or Gadgets were not working at all, they were just a blank space, I at first thought it must be some problem with my Blogger Template as I have customized it a lot, as you can see.But then I checked out my other Blog and even that had a problem with Recent Posts and Recent Comments, I am not quite sure of what other Blogger Widget or Gadget or Template is wrong, but these two definitely something wrong.I will try to figure out what the problem is and find a solution for you guys soon, by today.So keep checking.

I hope that this Blogger Template Problem is fixed soon by Blogger Support.I am losing a lot of Page Views and hence Money!

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Angélica Mascaro said...

Com meu blog tbm!
Ha dois dias aconteceu isso e eu percebi que apagando o ultimo post que estava como rascunho resolveu o problema.
Ou seja, qdo eu criava um novo post, mas nao o publicava, acontecia esse problema.
Embora eu tenha outros posts como rascunhos antigos.
Mas agora, voltou a acontecer, e nao queria apagar os post antigos que estao como rascunho, pois nao quero perde-los...
Se conseguir resposta, avisa!! abracos

Angélica Mascaro said...

Sorry, i commented in portuguese :P
well, the problem was with the last (most recent) post that was not published. But now im facing the problem again, and dont know how to fix.. :/

Phoebe said...

The same thing happens to my blog, just blank. Have you found out the problem and solution yet ?

Kimberly said...

Do you know a resolution to this? The area where my comment link should be is gone. I cannot figure out what is going on, however I am not happy with Blogger.

Bickle77 said...

Same thing here. Old posts have the Comment link but newer ones do not. No changes to the template as far as I'm aware. Anyone got any ideas?

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