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CDC Zombie Apocalypse May 21 2011 2012 End of the world government

The Government of USA for Pandemic diseases released a Blog post which stated that the Zombie CDC  Apocalypse as is where Zombies would take over entire countries and walk the streets without any opposition as well as consume or eat anything that moves in their way.Coming from the CDC, The zombie Apocalypse seems to be a real possible event, as depicted in I AM LEGEND Movie in Hollywood.The reasons for this Apocalypse Zombie event Blog post has not been understood clearly.But People have left comments at the Government blog about the relation of CDC Zombie Apocalypse and May 21 2011 or eventual 2012.With Harold Camping spreading as many false truths as possible about the Apocalypse on May 21 2011.

Do Not Worry May 21 2011 will not happen.

The CDC Does not give any information on how to survive The Zombie Apocalypse or on how to get through it, but they speak of a Vaccine. 

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