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Lost His Brother To Mesothelioma Cancer - Wish it does not happen to others

I found this Sad story on Facebook about Mesothelioma Cancer and someone who died from it as a result of a long struggle against mesothelioma Pleural Cancer.It makes me feel so bad on the inside when I see people lose someone who they loved so dearly to this Disease, I hope that all those who are suffering get peace and those who lose their loved ones to Mesothelioma, help others who need it and also spread word on how to prevent mesothelioma.

Here is the heart Rendering Story of a Guy who lost his Brother to Mesothelioma -

I lost my brother Martin yesterday. He fought long and hard for a whole year and tried everything from surgery, chemo, radio ablation and embolisation. He must be one of the bravest Mesothelioma warriors ever.We found a great oncologist which did buy him more time and I thank everyone at Meso care and the people on this site for their support. Keep fighting this most evil disease and one day let's hope there's a cure. We salute your courage Martin and will miss you like anything. Rest in peace now. Love.

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