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May 21 2011 End Of the World? World Ends Doomsday on 21 2011 May?

We all know much about the 21st December 2012 Date and we know what significance it has when it comes to the Doomsday Predictions by Nostradamus, the Mayan Civilization, The I Ching, The Free Masons Etc. But the less known fact is that there is a Doomsday predicted even for May 21st 2011, a Doomsday or Judgement day as the Bible Calls it, is not known what affects it will have, but many believers expect the worse in the Doomsday 21/05/2011.

But I for one do not believe in any of this non sense about the End of the World dates and other illogical predictions and premonitions.As I have stated in why 2012 will not happen, here also I will state that May 21st 2011 will not happen.

Please do not worry about the End of the World, if it happens, all go, not only you.

And End of the World wont happen on 21st may 2011.

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