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Rapture May 21 2012 End of times! Is it all over for us?

May 21 2012 is near, actually its tomorrow itself.So you are right to be scared of the whole thing while you are sleeping or while you are working.It is a natural tendency to get scared when you know people are talking about the end of times and how it is all over for us humans.Even the most disbelievers hold their breath when the judgement day comes a calling.

So you think the rapture is going to happen?Do you think you will get left below while all the good people are saved?Well, that depends on what you follow, If you follow the Bible, thats what you probably believe

I feel that the rapture is going to happen someday or the other, in the future but not now, people will probably get left below but those are very few who have really sinned.

And do not worry i have made a list of facts for why 2011 May 21 will not happen.

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