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5 typical signs and signals that Boyfriend will dump you! Must Read!

You women must have wondered at some point or the other about how your boyfriends or Husbands like you, but some of you often have that tiny little feeling at the back of your head that he does not love you anymore or even does not want to be with you, or a feeling that he is cheating here is how you can find out for yourself, these are tell tale signs that your Boyfriend is about to dump you for someone else -

5 typical signs and signals that Boyfriend will dump you! Must Read!

1)Body Language - He is a little grumpy, answers questions vaguely, seems disinterested in everything you do together.He just seems to want to get away from you.

2) Re-interest in his handsomeness and Looks - A man who is cheating will start caring for how he looks and how his persona is magnified, he spends more time in front of the mirror, less time in front of you.

3)Credit Card Statements do not seem to add up - Some unnecessary flowers that you did not receive, some gifts to unknown people, weekend "Conference" at work, These are tell tale signs.

4)Starts working out again - Wants to be in top physical condition for some extra Work :P

5)Lots of stories that do not match up - He may make up many lies to cover up one lie, and then you can easily tell what is happening.

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