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New Zealand Prediction of Earthquake By Harold Camping May 21 2011

Harold Camping Campaign led many to believe that a Mega Earthquake may hit Auckland Sydney or Perth or even Melbourne in the coming hours as he had predicted a Massive never before seen magnitude of may be 12+ on the Richter scale to Rock New Zealand, why he predicted the earthquake to hit New Zealand, We will never know will we?But he and his followers have made safety hideouts and dug outs to stay safe in the Apocalyptic day of May 21 2011, but will they stay safe if an Earthquake rocks the ground?NOPE! So its pretty much useless for Harold Camping and his followers to build underground safe houses unless they are at-least 50 Km deep.

If any of you know any extra news about the May 21 2011 earthquake and New Zealand and Harold Camping, Please post a comment in the comments section to share your thoughts and news with the rest of the world.

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