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Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love Child Mistress Two Kids Male and Female Names

Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to be in the news again for his Love Child Connections, already the Hollywood Mega-star was coming out of the Love Child Controversy he had back in 2004, with his supposed child playing Football for his college.Obviously such a macho personality as Arnold Schwarzenegger is bound to have a son at-least plays football for college if not being a terminator.Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have finally accepted the love child to be his own, at least in an in direct way, but the name of his first love child has never been given up nor has the name of the Mother or Arnold Schwarzenegger's mistress ever been given up.Arnold Schwarzenegger seems to have held the secret tight between his lips.The California Governor could do without all these dramas, but after all he is not just the governor of California, He's Arnold Schwarzenegger For gods sake!Tanner Tousignant -

Here is the picture of the Boy who is a Arnold Schwarzenegger Love Child -

Recently in 2011 another girl seems to have emerged claiming to be Arnold Schwarzenegger's Love child, she says she is the House Maid's daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger.Her photo is -

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