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Bachelorette Ashley Herbert Bentley and 25 Hot Men - To Find True Love season 7

The new season of Bachelorette is going to air on CBS soon and we have news on all the Gossip and all the contestants in the Seventh season of Bachelorette.First of all the actual Bachelorette in the seventh season of Bachelorette is Ashley Herbert, a 28 year old single woman who has not been married before and is looking to find true love, in this dating related Reality show Bachelorette.Ashley Herbert has been stated saying that she really wants to find the right man for her in the show Bachelorette.

But Ashley was circumspect about a contestant named Bentley who had already married once before and she has links with his ex Wife, so that would be something we need to watch out for this time around in Bachelorette.
Ashley Herbert at first said she was not sure about Bentley, but later when they met and talked, she felt he was an alright guy and decided to start fresh with him.

But Her Concerns were probably real as Bentley was stated to have a strategy and a plan to Win the show Bachelorette.He actually said he had no intention of Falling in love with Ashley Herbert.

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