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Friday the 13th superstitions|End Of the World|Premonitions Scary

Friday the 13th is fast approaching in 2011 and people are getting scared of its effects, after a series of scary movies relating to the Friday the 13th superstitions and Scary happenings, People believe that something bad is going to happy on Friday the 13th, that is something like the End of the World.

Friday the 13th has been really bad in the past, not so much the recent past, but quite a while back, like millions of years back.

Scientists believe that two of the five major extinction events that has occurred in the earths small history have occurred on Friday 13th's according to the Roman Calender, that we all follow.

Friday the 13th Superstitions are also a big part of Ancient Scary folklore, that was used to scare Children and Kids by the Adults.This seems to have continued on and become a phenomenon in todays world.

Also the Series of Movies relating to Friday the 13th have also made a huge impact on people thinking and have made them believe the Friday 13th superstitions.

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