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Price Of Exotic Pet Birds In India

Here are the prices of exotic pet birds in India, These prices are applicable to the major cities.
Scarlet Macaw: 120000 Rs
Blue and Gold Macaw: 140000 Rs
Finches : 100 Rs
Assorted Finches : 800 Rs
Canary : 1300 Rs
Lutino Lovebird : 900 Rs
Dutch Blue Lovebird : 2000 Rs
African Grey Parrot: 45000 Rs
Hyacinth Macaw: 300000 Rs
Parakeet/Budgie: 150 Rs
Peach faced Lovebird: 500 Rs
Cockatiel: 600 Rs
White Face Cockatiel: 1000 Rs
Sulphur Crested Cockatoo: 170000 Rs
Black Palm Cockatoo: 450000 Rs
Senegal Parrot: 17000 Rs
Hanhs Macaw: 20000 Rs
Goffins Cockatoo: 25000 Rs
Sun Conure: 14000 Rs
Green Cheek Conure:  8000 Rs
English Budgie:  1000 Rs
Amazon Parrot:  50000 Rs
Yellow naped amazon: 75000 Rs
Double yellow naped amazon : 90000 Rs
Albino Budgie: 500 Rs
Normal Grey Cockatiel : 600 Rs
LuTino Cockatiel : 800 Rs
Green Winged Macaw : 150000 Rs
Half sider budgie : 1000 Rs (very rare)
Lorikeet : 50000 - 250000 Rs ( wide rang of lorrikeets)
Eclectus Parrot : 75000 Rs

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These prices are applicable to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore,Kolkata,Chennai,Mysore,Tamil Nadu,Bengal,Punjab,Rajasthan,Haryana Etc.
If you need any information on other bird prices, please leave a comment!
IMPORTANT: These prices are not endorsed by any pet shop or breeder,  It is pure calculation, not a direct conversion from dollars, but through experience of buying and selling birds. These prices are 90-95% accurate for sure. The Prices of these birds may vary from breeder to breeder as they would hav spent different methods to raise the birds with love and affection.

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