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Football Academy For Asians and Australians in Europe

Football has taken up a big part of everyones life in the Asian and Australian regions, even in New Zealand As well, so I found this soccer institute based in England, Europe which gives trials for young foot ball talent up-to 24 years of age and is an excellent opportunity if you have the talent to make it at the top level of European football, but you need to pay in the order of around 2000 or 3000 dollars, i am not quite sure, for this Football Training Trials, If you do get selected by many of the coaches and scouts around there, you will be assured a good footballing career, there are also choices you have to make on the duration of the training, longer the training stint higher is the cost.

Also the academy will provide food and housing for the Academy timings of 6 or more weeks.

So for more you can check out

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Chelsea Manchester United Champions League Good Game!

Chelsea will be Facing Manchester United in the quarter finals of the champions league with remembrance of the Moscow final shootout still fresh in each and every players minds from both the teams as well as all the fans from around the world for both teams.We would have liked both the English Premier league teams to qualify, but one only one will be able to this time around and I think that the team qualifying for the champions league will be Chelsea due to their recent signing and good form after the disastrous period of two months during the time of December and January.Also now Man Utd are losing their touch, may be due to fatigue of the long season as well as injuries to major center back defenders, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. They are having to make do with two inexperienced center backs as well as a right back.

So Chelsea to qualify would be my vote, what do you guys say?

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Football | Barclays Premier League | "We're coming after you, Man United" |

Football | Barclays Premier League | "We're coming after you, Man United" |

Chelsea player Malouda Says Chelsea are coming After Manchester United for the Premier league title!

Watch Out ManU

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Tatasky - Ten Action Will not be available due to low user interest

I contacted Tatasky recently just yesterday19/3/2011 and when asked about ten action, she straight forward said it wont be coming on tatasky any time soon as not many people are asking for it, so Champions League this season for us football watchers will not be available, I ask everyone who wants Ten Action on Tata Sky to call them up and ask for Ten action plus to be put or they never will if we don't put pressure, She also said that lot of people asked for Ten Cricket and thats why they put it, so if lot of us ask they will put it.Everyone call up soon.

Thank You, please leave comments below!

Latest News about Ten Action on Tata Sky 2011

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Hudole Digital and Medical Solutions New Blog

Visit our newest venture, its our new company.
It is for all those who want to know about Technological Digital Solutions as well as Medical Solutions.
We have hired Professionals who are experts in Their fields to write for us.
Hudole Tech

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Barclays English Premier League Best Goals

Here are the list of best Barclays Premier League goals from England over the years 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011. These are the best goals scored by some of the top footballers in the world, some of the top strikers top mid-fielders and even sometimes top defender of the world scoring the best goals ever.

Top ten goals of English Premier League -

10)Frank Lampard
Vs Everton
2007-08 season.
Chelsea win 3-2 after being 2-1 down.

9)Andy Reid
Vs Wigan
The fastest goal as in the ball speed ever, from over 20 yards.

8)Andriy Shevchenko
Vs Tottenham
Curls one with left foot after dribbling two.

7)Cristiano Ronaldo
Vs Portsmouth
Freekick. Alex Ferguson described it as the best free kick he had ever seen.

6)Eric Canotna
Vs Southampton
Unknown Year
Amazing dribble, quickness of footwork, cool finish.

5)Jermaine Defoe
Vs Wolves
One touch amazing curl from outside the box.

4)Wayne Rooney
Vs ???
Spectacular overhead kick.

3)Thierry Henry
Vs Man Utd
Youngster burst onto the scene with this goal, amazing goal similar to Defoes's.

2)Micheal Essien
Vs Arsenal
Amazing out foot goal from 35 yards to save the game for Chelsea FC

1)Didier Drogba
Vs Everton
Chested the ball direct fron Cech and volleyed it from 35 yards out.Same game as Lampard's goal.

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Tips for parents to control troubled teenagers- Parenting

Troubled teenagers are a problem for their parents, how much ever may a parent love their children but when their teenage children do crazy stuff and sometimes problematic stuff, the parents have to take strict action.
Here are some stuff parents should do to control troubled teenagers-

1)Ground the teenagers, do not let them out to go crazy everyday and night, keep their fun time outside home to may be 3 or 4 hours a week, as you should let them develop as well properly in terms of social development.

2)Make your home fun, get them TV's or whatever it is that they like in return for good behavior.If they fail to behave, then take away their privileges.This is found to work really well especially for teenage boys, teenage girls it may not work so well.

3)Be strict with the teenagers, but not too strict, so as to make them resent you.Be moderately strict and they will come on to the right track.

4)Military School, one year at a military school will straighten out any problematic and indisciplined troubled teenager, but it may not be suitable for teenage girls.

5)Teenage Rehab, this should be an extreme step, once all other have failed, you can go to an expert to solve your teenage children's problems. 

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Ultimate Kinesiology Muscle Fitness Tips

Here are some Kinesiology Muscle Fitness tips

1)Drink plenty of water daily, this is most important, before starting any routine or any work out regime, you need to be in a routine of drinking plenty of water, without this you will not get results for your hard work, no matter how much hard work you put in.But do not drink more than 5 ounces at a time, as our human body is not equipped to handle more than 5 ounces of water at once while absorbing.

2)Watch your Blood sugar level, do not eat too much complex carbohydrates and fats, concentrate on protein, Regime Hyperproteine diet is found to be very helpful, when you have high blood sugar levels, you are prone to diabetes and also you will not get proper sleep as well, so watch it.

3)Consume fats, but but consume good fats, like Almonds or cheese, these are found to be healthy actually, especially Almonds, they have high concentration of good cholesterol as well as they have enough protein such that if you eat 20 almonds a day you get 12% of your daily protein requirements, helpful even for muscle building while working out at the gym.

4)Exercise a lot! Go out and play as well, these things are vital, if you just eat good and drink good does not mean you will get results.

5)During the day of Kinesiology visits never take any supplements.

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Buy LCD computer personal laptops online

I have bought two LCD computers online, so I want to tell people what to look for and where to buy computers and laptops, I would definitely recommend DELL computers as they have really good options of buying computers, laptops, music systems, hardware, monitors,CPU's,UPS, etc online.  They give terrific amount of drop down options for each specification of a computer or a laptop and hence make it an easier job for us, which is what we are looking for isn't it?The first time I bought something online from DELL i was skeptical but later I found that they are very reliable and the parcel of my requirements came to my house within 10 days although the given time period was 15 days.That is the ind of customer service i am looking for and I am sure so too are you, its actually what everyone looks for these days, good value for money.

There are also other places where you can buy computers online, but I am not sure how good their processes are, so please research and then buy.

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Beautiful Apartments resources

Beautiful apartments are a premium these days, why should not they be? They provide us a wonderful place to live and enjoy.Beautiful apartments with all modern amenities such as Gyms, Swimming pool, club house, car park, full time security and power back up as well as a good shopping place within the apartment complex are what you should be looking for when you are looking at buying a beautiful apartment.

Buying an apartment in a major area can cost you over 500000 $ or sometimes may even go up to a million dollars, but the price is well justified, a major area will provide you with all the amenities you need for comfort in life.

But buying apartments on the edge of the city is also not bad as you can expect the city to expand and land prices to increase soon due to the rapid expansion of cities everywhere in the world.

If you cannot afford the high price tag of some of the premium beautiful apartments, you can always rent it, this is what most people do, they rent until they can pay for the buying of the apartment cost.

Also buying your own house may not be a bad idea, as you also get the land value, which you do not get in buying beautiful apartments.

Also check out Furniture for Apartments

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Furniture that suits my home Tips

Furniture is extremely important to a household, it fills the house, furniture make the home look more beautiful and wonderful.Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes to fit every home, recently all types  of furniture are available in a ready made fashion and hence its just like buying furniture of the shelf.So you can have an empty house one day and a home full of furniture the next day.

But an important thing is that the furniture you buy should fit your home and blend in well with your home, this is vital as when furniture blends in with your home, it has more soothing effect, when your furniture does not blend with your home, it will be eye catching which is not good.

Furniture can also be matched up with wall curtains and flower vases to make it look more at home in its surroundings.A good set of furniture can add value to your home as well as increase your pride when someone visits!

Scientists have found that a good furniture matching your home colors will have a soothing effect over everyone who visits the house, this is of course very important.

Also your home should not be overcrowded with furniture, a large hall should have at the most two sofas and a couple of stand alone chairs, the rest should have a matching carpet and should be free space, do you know that free space can make your furniture look better than it is already?

Also be sure to get a television stand and a computer stand that suits your other furniture at home, this will give a complete good look to your home.

Remember a good looking home is a happy home!

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Regime Hyperproteine Diet Lose weight gain muscle!

Regime Hyperproteine is an excellent diet of proteins which is known all over the world for its Lose weight quickly and gain muscle quickly properties, which everyone seeks for in the modern age of looks and physique and beauty.

Regime Hyperproteine has a proven track record for over 60 years in the united States alone.This surely cannot be questioned.The diet can help people loose weight between 4 to 8 kg in several weeks, but of course as with any other diet plan and supplements, a weight loss doctors advice is absolutely crucial before starting the Regime diet.

Regime Hyperproteine is special due to its weight loss properties as well as coupled with its muscle growth and muscles maintain properties, which is the reason why it has become so popular over the years.

So here is how Regime Hyperproteine works, imagine a person has a lot of fat and wants to get rid of it, and he does so by not eating, this not only reduces the fat content of his body but also decreases important muscle mass and proteins which are so vital for the functioning of the body.This leads to unhealthy loss of weight and the weight may be gained back very quickly as well, hence rendering the efforts useless.So in Regime Hyperproteine A person eats a lot of high protein, low fat and low carbohydrate diet, especially low complex carbohydrate foods to cut down on the fat as well as maintain the body muscle mass in good shape.
This is why Regime Hyperproteine is sought after.

Regime Hyperproteine protein also stops the craving to eat more, as the protein stops hunger craving better than carbohydrates and fats especially.
But always be sure to ask your family doctor before starting any dietary plan and hence avoid any health complications during weight loss for both men and women.

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Tips to reduce oily face for men and women

Oily face can be very bad for an active person, well it can be irritating for anyone actually.Some people have naturally oily faces, these people have to work hard to remove the oil from their faces but some people get oily face due some bad practices which result in oily faces

Here are some tips to reduce the oiliness of the face for both men and women alike-

1)Wash with face wash every 6 hours or at least wash with cold water thoroughly, this rejuvenates your skin and makes you feel fresh and oil free.

2)Do not over exert yourself during hot times, this can cause sweat and oil.

3)Use a tissue or napkin to wipe off any excess oil on your face every couple of hours.

4)Use mild soaps and shampoos, which do not have oil in them, I would advise Dove soap which has moisturizing milk.

5)Reduce use of face cream, these are usually high in smooth oily type material and hence can make your shin look oily.

6)Reduce make up and base make up as this can also make your skin look more oily than it already is.

7)Reduce the amount of oil you apply to your hair, this depending on your hairstyle may come onto your face.
 Acne solutions for Adults and Teenagers

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What will India 2020 be like in technology and superpower?

By the rate of growth of Indian economy and the emergence of upper middle class in the past few years, you can safely say that India will be one of the superpowers of the world by the year 2020.
India has a lot of potential due to its vast population and large amount of natural resources, which China lacks, so India has even more potential that China, although it population is a little lesser than China, the resources factor increases India's potential.

Large population means large potential for income of the country but overall development of the country will be more difficult, this is probably why India has not yet become a superpower of the likes of the United States of America.

India has the most intelligent youth in all fields and especially in the Information Technology or the IT field.
Indian youth are in demand for jobs all over the world, not only for their expertise but also the lower wages factor.

With bright minded leaders like Rahul Gandhi likely to be the future of Indian Politics, India cannot go wrong, so by 2020 India must be a world superpower.

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The mystery of when Sachin hits hundred, India Does not win! Sad!

There were rumors about and a lot of speculation a few years back that when sachin tendulkar hits a century, India does not win the game, this was true on more than one occasion in the past but the recent similar results may prove this myth right.

Sachin Tendulkar has been the greatest Indian Cricketer with close competition only from the great Kapil Dev.
He has been a servant of the game and is probably the idol of every young aspiring cricketer, but recent results in the World cup have added fire to rumors.

When Sachin hit the 120 against England, India failed to win, when Sachin hit 111 against South Africa, India lost, so many are speculating what i have stated above.

But being Indian, we love sachin no matter what and he has done everything he can to help Indian cricket.

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William Porterfield Ireland Cricket Captain criticizes umpires

The so called "minnows" Cricket team Ireland's captain and leader William Porterfield criticized the umpires at the world cup of cricket 2011 after the match against West Indies just a couple of days back as he felt the decision to give Gary Wilson out leg before the wicket was not the greatest decision the umpire had made.

Porterfield had reviewed the decision is the UDRS system, which has been newly introduced in the game of cricket, following from tennis, with same rules for each referral.In the Review the appeal appeared not out as the ball pitched outside and hit the batsman's pads outside the line of the stumps, but the decision was given out, this outraged the dynamic Ireland captain.

Porterfield seemed dejected that after a promising win over England, which was arguably a one man show rather than a team win, their world cup tour is coming to an end and so is their 15 minutes of fame.

Before in his pre match and post match interviews, he used say we still have a chance, now he is dejected to just saying we have to try to play well in our remaining matches.

Ireland have become some what a one hit wonder, showing their class in the odd game but not maintaining the consistency

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Highest paying jobs in the world?Lawyers doctors!

Here is a list of highest salary jobs and highest paying jobs in the world-

2)Criminal Lawyers
3)Real Estate Lawyers
4) Mesothelioma Cancer Doctors
6)Basketball players
7)Film Actors
10)Managing Directors
11)American Football players
12)Soccer Players
14)Tax lawyers
15) Government Officials (Duh!:P)

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Own Private Jet, Things to do with a private jet!

Do you want to own a private jet? Well, be ready to shell out a large amount of cash, in the millions if you want a good private jet, If you are searching to buy a great private jet, then you must be very rich indeed, I would say some of the richest in the world.

Private jets are great fun, here are a list of stuff you should do if you are lucky and rich enough to buy a private jet-
1)Fly between countries whenever you want!
2)Fly in the middle of the night, tell the pilot you want to sleep for half an hour more and make him wait!
3)Throw stuff around in your private jet and tell your waiters to clean them.
4)Take friends on a cool trip of a lifetime.Become popular.
5)Have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the air!
6)Hog up two seats in a row!
7)Tell your boss(If your not your own boss) that your flight was delayed or arrived late.
8)Fly the jet yourself!.Be careful but!
9)Race the F16 fighter planes.
10)Get stealth coat to hide away from radar!
11)Shine lights during night and make people think its a UFO.

Be creative and enjoy!!

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Acne help for fast pimple removal and permanent solutions

Acne disgusts everyone especially if you are young and outgoing, it tends to curtail your outgoing personality and confidence especially if you have an interview or function or party or celebration to attend.

What to do when you get pimples?
Look for a solution.Popping is not always the best idea, as this may release the pimple and you may get an acne outburst on your face, which would be the last thing you wanted, but it can happen, so please be careful.
Also do not press the acne spots as this can push the core of the acne spots even deeper and make the pimple even bigger and worse looking which can deform your whole face for a while.

Some people do not even care about pimples and acne, others act as if its the end of the world.

We have started a whole new blog about Acne Removal.
So check out Acne solutions for adults and teenagers

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Acne Solutions easy tips and creams for Adults and teenagers quickly!

Acne is a problem for everyone at some point or the other during their life and believe me when i say its one of the most irritating problems ever! Imagine a pimple acne just when you have to go somewhere! Agghh!

So here are some Acne Solutions for easy removal of Acne pimples for both adults and teens-

1)Clean face everyday with a soap or face wash which aids in removal of oil, this is most important, if you follow this daily, i will assure you, you will not have acne pimple problems in a month!

2)Use face peels which remove oil very effectively.

3)Use Garnier Pure Pen for immediate relief from isolated pimples to avoid an acne outburst.

4)Use Johnson and Johnson deep clean wash, this really helped me a lot, I believe this is the best way to remove oil which is the main cause of Pimple and acne problems.

5)Do not apply oil to hair everyday, oil to hair is important but keep it limited as it can cause acne pimples on the forehead.

6)Do not stay out in the sun for too long as this will make you sweat which also increases chances of Acne and pimples.

7)Drink lots of water, this helps a lot in reducing acne, although it may not seem like it.

8)Massage your skin with yogurt and cucumber as this cools your skin and provides a soothing effect to avoid acne and pimples.

These stuff helped me, hope it helps you as well.

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McDonalds Scam old French fries and burgers chicken Head!

Mcdonalds has been around for ages, at least in the USA, Mcdonalds is also the largest fast food producer in the world, and recently it has also spread its umbrella over developing countries such as India, Sri Lanka etc, but lately people are discovering the ugly facts of Mcdonalds, there have been many stories of low quality burgers, French fries, chicken burgers and of course the eternal problem with dilutes coke.

Hundreds of people have performed experiments with Mcdonalds food and found shocking results.

One such , was an American who put a piece of Mcdonalds burger in a jar and saw to his horror that it did not degrade or decompose even after 2 months!

Another experiment lead to the result that Mcdonalds might be using synthetic materials and even plastics to stop their food from decomposing fast.

Another lady who belongs a social group in USA still has a burger bun which had bought five years ago and it is still in tact without any degradation or decomposition.
She also has French Fries that are also 5 years old and still look perfect, leads to the question, are Mcdonalds    feeding us old and stale food that just does not decompose?

Also a man in India has a chicken head deep fried complete with eyes and beak! That is totally gross!

So next time you visit Mcdonalds remember these things before you eat, you may not eat after that!Good For you!

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The 5 greatest most devastating natural disasters ever!

Here is a list of the five greatest most devastating natural disasters ever!

5)2006 Tsunami in Indian Ocean-
The earthquake of magnitude 9.8 and the resultant tsunami in the Indian ocean wiped out nearly 200 million homes, caused over 75 billion dollars in damage of property and resulted in 5 million people dead.
This is the worst disaster in recent times.Over 20 countries were affected.

4) Pompey volcano in 87 AD -
This volcano affected Europe so devastatingly that many people did not even stand a chance.The worst volcanic disaster in history surely, do not have any stats on this one.

3)Nuclear Bomb dropping on Japan -
No need of any information on this one.Everyone knows everything about this.

2)The plaque of the 1800's -
The plaque in Europe in 1800's was the worst epidemic ever and removed more than 60% of the population in Europe, its amazing they were even able to revive after that.

1)The Meteor collision - 60 million years ago-
The greatest event in the history of earth, a truly cosmic event, Wiped out 75% of the population of the earth got destroyed and this paved way for mammals to overcome the reign of dinosaurs.

Check out our featured post:
Prevent Cancer, Learn about cancer, best time to know is when you don't have it yet!

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Prevent CANCER before its too late! Safety first symptoms.

By Gautham A S

Cancer is one of the most dangerous medical conditions caused by cells which have mutated and pose a threat to life.Cancer can be caused from your regular cells that have mutated to form toxic cells within the body.

There are several types of cancer-
1)Lung Cancer
2)Blood Cancer
3)Mesothelioma Cancer
4)Cervical Cancer
5)Breast Cancer
6)Testicular Cancer

These are some of the more common cancer developments, but there are many more as the above listed.

So things to do to prevent Cancer before emerging and spreading?

1)Eat healthy, this is the main thing, if you do this you keep out 90% of all diseases.

2)Eat lots of Anti Oxidants, these definitely help reduce the risk of Cancer.Almost all types of cancer can be avoided by consuming Anti Oxidants.
Some of my Favorite Anti Oxidants are Citric acid found in lemons, oranges Etc.
As well as Pomegranate fruit has really valuable anti oxidants.These Anti Oxidants can also prevent pre -mature aging of skin.

3)Stay away from Asbestos, this is the primary cause of cancer.

4)Get regular health check ups so that if you develop any form of cancer, you can treat it very quickly.
The quicker the diagnosis, easier the treatment and more chances of survival.Most of the times Cancer symptoms show up very late, when the disease has progressed too much, when nothing much can be done.

5)Avoid going to places where there is a possibility of Nuclear radiation, this can cause thyroid cancer.
If by mistake you did go near a place where there is radiation, ask your doctor and consume Iodine, but always ask a doctor first before consuming anything.

Was this post helpful?

6)Also you can do your bit to stop cancer, by spreading the word and awareness about it.So please do so.

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Donald Trump Reject Lindsay Lohan proposal for Celebrity Apprentice

Donald Trump most famous for his money, real estate knowledge and entrepreneurship, turned down Lindsay Lohan for a spot in the new "Celebrity Apprentice", He was stated saying"it's not the right time" for the troubled actress who had a promising career during her teenage years but went astray after getting involved with some bad people and alcohol and drugs at such a young age. The recent Charlie Sheen Dead fake stories would have made her scared for sure as he also has a similar life to hers.

Donald Trump, who got his head shaved by Mr McMahon in WWE couple of years ago, felt the star needed more time to get her personal life sorted before she could get back at working, that is acting.
But Lindsay Lohan's  ideas were different as she felt she was ready to get back to work and saw the celebrity apprentice as the perfect opportunity to get back to work.

Donald Trump confirmed to Life & Style magazine that Lohan had approached him for a spot in the Celebrity apprentice but to no avail.

Probably Trump feels that Lohan can have a bad influence on the show as she has broken many laws recently.

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How to add banner image to blog posts?Blogger

Adding Banners or images in blog posts is very easy.
Here are the steps to follow to add banners or images to your blog post.

To add banner to blog post-
1)Go to "new post" tab, write about whatever your topic is about concerning your niche and then press edit html tab in the posting area, it will be next to compose tab, here you will see some html codes as well as your own writing.
Post the code of the banner to wherever you want within the blog post.
Thats it, your done.

To add image to blog post-
1)This is even easier than adding a banner to the blog post.Just go to the new post tab and you will see an image icon, go there and just pick your photo either from your computer or the web.

Check out our other blogger topics in blogger label.

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How to add polls inside blog posts? Blogger

This was a question that haunted me for a long while, i really wanted to add Polls inside my blog posts which were related to the posts to make a better experience for my readers.

Ok so here is how you do it.

Step 1)GO to your blogs design page.

Step2)Make a poll as you would normally do on what ever topic you want and put it in the side.Till now is standard easy procedure that all bloggers, even basic ones will know.

Step3)Now go to "View Blog" after you have made the pole.

Step4)Right click your mouse and go to view page source.

Page source should look something like this
Step5)Press cntrl f, search for the name of the poll you just created.

Step6)Copy the iframe code as well as <h1> or <h2> title of the poll code.

Step7)Go to New Post and press"edit html" and insert the code.

Step8)Write your post and you can see the Poll working perfectly fine, If you have any doubt please leave comment!

Found this Post helpful?

More such stuff to come soon!
Check out our other blogger topics on Blogger label.

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Lost city of Atlantis to return in 2012? Real end!

Everyone on the planet has heard about Atlantis, the lost city, the beautiful city, the underwater city, the city that actually scares some people.
Please answer this poll
Do you believe in 2012?

So now is 2012 and Atlantis related to each other?

1)Some people say that the people of Atlantis are going to emerge from the depths of the deepest oceans and conquer the land people in 2012, which I believe is a dumb idea.

2)Some other Atlantis enthusiasts say that the Lycan, the darkest and most feared creature of the depths may be sent to wipe out everything on the land, I say capture the beast and put it in an aquarium with the other goldfish.

3)The third 2012 prophecy for Atlantis is that the City of Atlantis has been corrupted and a battle of civil war sorts will end everything.

4)Th fourth one is the people of Atlantis have discovered some new power source and its malfunction creates a black hole, well you know what happens after that.

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Economic effects of Japan earthquake on USA Europe India

Everyone who is into World stock markets or anyone in the finance banking sector will know what happened as a natural disaster in Japan can have major impact on Finance banking sector as well as global businesses.

The bank of Japan has said that they will look at the losses and current economic conditions of Japan, The USA as well as the whole world and decide upon a contingency plan to counter the economic crisis that can so easily occur from this saddening situation in Japan.

The Bank of Japan is reportedly going to input in upwards of 30 billion dollars into the world market to soothe the current situation which has arisen in the last few days due to the Tsunami and Earthquake in Japan, which some people believe is related to 2012 prophecies. More on that in our 2012 labels, check them out.

The bank of Japan is a major player in world markets and is looking at providing liquidity to the stock markets first thing tomorrow morning to bring to an ease the growing concerns of finance bankers and investment bankers.

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How to get bright white clean shining teeth quickly and fast?

Bright white teeth is what everyone seeks when they have a party or a corporate function that they need to attend in a short notice of may be a day, a week or a month.

Is it possible to get white shiny and bright teeth in such a short time?

Here are some tips to get bright shiny and clean teeth which look as good as new in just a small amount of time-

1)Go to a doctor for instant teeth whitening, many doctors are available in USA, actually many doctor's are available all over the world to do instant teeth whitening!
This may cost you a small fortune though!Teeth whitening is a procedure used by Hollywood celebrities and important people as they need to make public appearances often and the paparazzi will not spare them if they have dirty yellow teeth.

2)Get teeth whitening creams, yes these are available and will be cheaper than the teeth whitening procedure done by doctor's.But these may not be as safe as the surgery procedure.

3)Chew teeth whitening gum often throughout the day! may help!

But best way to get clean healthy white shining teeth is the hard way, brush everyday two times, floss at least once a week and hope for the best, actually its not that hard!

Happy Teeth cleaning.
Visit good dentist.

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Hollywood Review Battle Los Angeles is an Awful alien invasion story- Review

The Movie Battle Los Angeles released this Friday 2011, it was a much awaited movie, This Jonathan Liebesman directed Hollywood alien invasion flick is headed to the box office flops hall of fame.

The movie neither has good goofy alien comedy or any seriously intriguing plot to ponder over, but is your standard run of the mill alien invasion movie, I mean the aliens do not even look like Aliens.

The Aliens are too robot-y to make anyone get scared! Also the directors plan of making it a documentary type film is not a good one, the movie lacks the appeal of what an Alien Invasion movie should look like.

Really do not know what Aron Eckhart was doing in this movie, he deserves much better script writing and screenplay.This is a downfall from his recent success.

Also the movie has unusually long gun fight sequences and fight scenes, which are good is dozes but not cool when the whole movie is the same.

The military team of Marines has a mixture of many ethnic varieties and as usual there is one soldier who is on his last mission before heading back home to the country side for some peace and quiet.

One good thing about this movie is its not 3D, it would have been even worse to sit through it if it were 3D.

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Olivia Wilde Divorce Tao Ruspoli Italian Prince Documentary videomaker

Olivia Wilde, a very famous personality in the high society for her sense of fashion and personality has reportedly filed for divorce from her lawfully wedded husband Tao Ruspoli, who himself no ordinary person.

Tao Ruspoli is an Italian Prince, A celebrated documentary video maker and an overall very famous personality in the Italian provinces and in Italy is a household name.

Olivia Wilde married Tao Ruspoli when she was just 18 years old, at such a young age, has she made a mistake? It definitely looks like it now.

In the December 2010 issue of Womens Health magazine, the popular personality said "We must be perfect" regarding her marriage with Italian prince Tao Ruspoli.

Tao Ruspoli's family owns the famous Palozzo Ruspoli in Italy.

Wilde is just 26 years old and Tao Ruspoli is 35, the age difference is pretty clear.

Olivia Wilde has a role in the leading hit series House.

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Apple ipad2 review features camera price cost USA India England Australia

The apple ipad 2 is finally here and we can expect wonders from this latest edition of apple products to be as successful as the original ipad. With some new features allocated to improve on the design flaws of the original ipad and also to facilitate a camera in the ipad some adjustments have been made.

So here is the review by Indian blogger-

First of all its revolutionary, really thin, even thinner than the iphone, this new feature has also reduced the weight of the ipad 2 by a lot, it just feels light in your hand!
Its got 512 MB ram, which may not seem that much compared to 1GB offered by many other touch pad devices.But it can compete with all those touch devices for sure.
Ipad 2 is way faster than original ipad, which itself was considered one of the fastest around.

Can you believe it? IT HAS TWO CAMERAS!!!
One for the video calls and conferences and the other to take pictures and videos, both are high end cameras and provide best value for money.

But it lacks the revolutionary iphone retina display, which i feel would have been a perfect fit on this device.
Well, you can't have everything.

The Apple ipad 2 is not yet released in India, but it will soon.
The apple Ipad2 costs-
USA - 800$ range
Australia- 1200$ range
India - 40000 Rs.
England - 600 Euro

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Japan earthquake earth axis shift and length of day reduced timings!

The earthquake of Japan Sendai city 2011 yesterday, as scientists say, has shifted the earths axis by a little and hence caused the length of day to reduce by fraction of second.This is a totally amazing story of what deformities of earth due to earthquakes can do to time itself.

This new development is not bound to have any major impact on daily life, but goes to show what a vulnerable thing earth is when it comes to changes due to natural calamities.

Just imagine what kind of time delays will occur if a meteor or an asteroid hits the earth, the effects could be unbelievable.
Also another major, may be 10.0 or more magnitude earthquake may cut timings even more, I never knew that earthquakes this effect as well.

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Tokyo Disney land tragedy Japan earthquake 2011 2012 floods!

Tokyo's biggest international tourist attraction, the Tokyo Disney land know for its high thrill rides, world class animatronics and state of the art technology has been affected badly by the 2011 Japan earthquake and Tsunami.

Latest news is that Tokyo Disney Land has been flooded in the Tsunami and over 70000 people, mostly tourists and foreign nationals have been stranded on the Amusement park, tourists seem to have felt the full jolt of the magnitude 8.9 earthquake in Disney land.

The tourists and foreign nationals have been stuck there since yesterday and were present in Disney land overnight as well, they are waiting for the rescue efforts to come through and help them to get out.

In other reports, Liquefaction of Disney land has been reported, this scientists and the amusement park mangers say is not due to the earthquake or the tsunami, but due to the loose soil under the Tokyo Disney land amusement park.

Tourists will feel they could not have picked a worse date to visit the amusement park.
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What is Nuclear Meltdown japan USA India?

Nuclear Meltdown is probably one of the most serious accidents that can occur during the overheating of a nuclear reactor core due to lack of adequate coolants.
This can release a large amount of Toxic radioactive material into the environment, this may have larger areas of affects than a nuclear leak.
The two most infamous and disastrous meltdowns that have occurred during the past century have been the Three mile island disaster and the Chernobyl disaster which had wide affects.

USA needs to take precautions to stabilize the situation in Japan and hence protect itself.
USA has the military to help out the people of Japan in rescue and recovery operations for may be the next few months in Japan, especially in the city of Sendai.

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USA safe? affected by nuclear radiation japan 2011 ?

Is the United states of America safe from the nuclear radiations at Japans Daichi Fukushima Nuclear power plant?

Which country will be safe in 2012?

There is absolutely no problem with respect to that, the radiation may spread as much as ten to twenty kilometers at the maximum and even there the people of japan are being given iodine to prevent cancer from exposure to nuclear radiations.

No other country other than Japan will be affected, even Japan will be slightly affected as the good people of Japan have made precautions and done everything within their power to reduce the affect of nuclear radiation on anyone.
They have evacuated large areas around the Daichi power plant and as stated above have also given iodine to all the workers and the people around the  nuclear power plant.

But if a nuclear Reactor Melt down occurs in daichi Japan  then the west coast of USA will be affected.

So there is nothing to worry about for the people of USA other than worrying for the Japan citizens welfare.
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The Domino effect of climate change natural disasters 2012

Recently I have written a lot of posts on 2012 and the events taking place in Japan and New Zealand, today I will write about a topic that is not just a concern for the people of Japan or New Zealand or the countries of the Pacific Ring Of Fire.

This is of utter importance to every human being on the planet, and I call it the "Domino effect"

So what is this domino effect?
Have you ever played dominoes? Then you will know that if you make one fall over, all the dominoes fall, one after the other in succession, all will fall.

Similarly one climate change effect can have drastic effects on other parts of our environment and hence finally may lead to an unhealthy environment.

Imagine an earthquake or a super volcano or Tsunami event happened.
A lot of people are injured and some lose everything, this may give rise to epidemics and pandemics, which will lead to a whole lot of other problems.
This will lead to in fighting and other problems, like this we may loose our social order.

This is probably most likely event in 2012 when compared to Nibiru predictions and Galactic Rift predictions.

How can we protect against this Domino effect?
"The moment we start to stop caring for each other, that is when we loose our humanity", So all we need to do is help each other, during time of need.

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Pacific Ring of Fire related to 2012 Japan earthquake 2011

The pacific ring of fire is a horse shoe shaped region where the most amount of volcanic and earthquake activity takes place in the world.It surrounds the Pacific ocean, exactly where the Tsunami and earthquake of Japan 2011 took place, a shocking magnitude 8.9 earthquake.

About 90% of the total number of earthquakes and 80% of the strongest earthquakes occur in this region.

Now is the pacific ring of fire related to 2012 prediction?
Lets hope not, as this has been an area of intense volcanic activity since thousands of years.
So it may not be related to anything that concerns 2012, but be sure that these type of earthquakes and Tsunamis will occur even in the future in the region of Pacific Ring of Fire.

Lets hope the future ones do not affect us as much as this one.
We can only hope.

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Effects of Nuclear radiation emergency Japan USA earthquake

We all know that the nuclear plant in Daichi has leaked its radiation due to lack of coolant, now lets see what the effects of this nuclear radiation-

1)It can spread to a distance of 10 kilometer very quickly.

2)Nuclear radiation are known to cause cancer, especially Iodine 131 which causes thyroid gland cancer.

3)Nuclear radiations can affect birth of children,not only in this situation but even generations to come, as we have seen from the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing in world war 2.

4)The nuclear radiation has the same effect on Animals and birds as it does on humans.

5)It can destroy plant life and insect life very quickly.

6)It can make a piece of land barren, as in Bikini Atoll during trials of 1940's

Hope it helped.

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Jyoti amge smallest in the world teenage girl from India

Jyoti Amge is the smallest teenage girl in the worl, she is from India.
Jyoti Amge stands at only 1 feet and 11 inches tall and is a patient of dwarfism, dwarfism does not have any impact on health though.
Jyoti Amge also weighs in at only 5 kg or kilogram.
Jyoti Amge is as small as an average two to three year old baby, if not even smaller.Well, in a way she is a grown up, but in baby size.
Due to dwarfism, her height is restricted to this maximum value and hence she cannot live like normal people, she needs custom made clothes, jewelery and cutlery and vessels as well.
Even in school, Jyoti Amge has her own custom made bench and seat.She goes to school in Nagpur, India, just like a normal girl from this part of India would.
Jyoti Amge is just like any other girl of her age, she loves to watch movies and also loves fashion and dresses.
When she was born, she was very much normal, only after growing up was her dwarfism condition known.
Jyoti Amge has taken life as it comes, very good, inspiring story!

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India safe 2012 effects beginning of end of the world Climate

I think In 2012 India will be one of the lesser affected countries as it does not lie on any major fault line or fissure which may cause an earthquake due to shifting of the tectonic plates of the earth. This is highly unlikely as the fissures and fault lines and edges of tectonic plates in India are not significant enough to cause any serious damage to the people or animal life in India.

Then Western Ghats prevent any possibility of Tsunami affecting in India in 2012, the high mountains are some of the highest mountains in South East Asia.They are also a huge tourist hub for the whole world.

Also the Deccan plateau is on high ground so there is no possibility of any Tsunami or flooding reaching this part of India.

The north is of course land locked and also protected by th mighty Himalayans.

Also India has some really good river systems and hence food scarcity issue will not come into play.

Also the people of India are very aware of situation and hence will be prepared for any such 2012 climate change or disasters.

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How to survive 2012 climate change

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Things to do to survive climate change and 2012

We humans have degraded the Environment to an extent where a dark prediction has been made for a time period that is just 1 year away from where we are now.So what can we do to survive climate change and 2012?

Here are a few stuff that we can do-

1)Get good underground basements, this can help from storms and hurricanes but will do little against Earthquakes.

2)Get ready with safety kits and emergency kits for every person in the family, buy safety vests and also water floaters for everyone in the family.

3)Store up good amount of fuel and other resources such as money and life support as who knows how long it will be before things become alright again.

4)Store a lot of food and also store up on dry fruits such as Almonds, Cashews and dry grapes, these will be vital source of protein and nutrition when no other food is available.

5)Pack protective clothing, such as jeans, jackets, robes, hats and coats as well as thermal wear as things may become very harsh and very cold really fast.

Hope this helped.
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2012 not just a movie for people of Japan

I am writing this post as a tribute to those suffering in Japan. I was watching the news of the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, when the reporter was saying something about the estimated time arrival of 3 meter waves in different countries around the world and they switched to a video of a car speeding away from water that was rushing into the roads in one the cities affected by the Tsunami.

The water was just knee level, and i saw this white car just escape the oncoming water as it took a sharp left turn and just moments after that another dozen or so cars came sweeping down the road, caught up in the swells of the ocean overflow.

That reminded me of a sequence in the movie 2012 that was so exciting, exciting when you know its never going to happen, but it did , although the movie scene was long and had many hurdles, I thinks any one of us would have got a greater thrill by just taking that turn and speeding away like crazy.

That must have been a brave man or woman who drove that car, especially when you know you cannot out run a Tsunami.
The waters were slow probably due to many obstacles the city buildings and shops and homes posed to it.

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ULTIMATE PROOF world wont end in December 2012 Japan earthquake

All people around the world are seemingly caught up in this end of the world phenomenon due to the yesterdays earthquake and Tsunami in Japan, Please do not fall prey to this.
Although it was a huge earthquake and tsunami, It happens regularly in Japan although not on this huge a scale, one of these mega quakes and Tsunamis happens once every hundred years, so there is no connection to the world ending in 2012 and this.It is a coincidence that this has happened in the era of the "worlds end 2012", so there is nothing to worry about except for the health and well being of the Good people of Japan.

Such a quake happened even in 2006 in the Indian Ocean and it killed over 5 million people from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia Etc..
But we as humans survived it and nothing happened, no end of the world, actually the Mayans had created a time zone rather than an exact date, it lasted for 16 years, between the 1990's till 2012 December 21st.

So if anything were to  happen, It would have happened by now, so there is nothing to worry.


There are many stories out there on the internet for proof of end of the world in 2012, but these are mere interpretations of some vague prophecies and predictions made hundreds of years ago.

What did those people have that science does not have now? Can anyone seriously believe those predictions over science and logic?

Even NASA have said there is nothing to worry about except for the Solar maximum that is going to occur in 2012, this will affect a lot of electronic devices and power grids but nothing will happen to the people as a direct consequence.

Also many sages in India have said we are safe for at least another one hundred years, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about, EVERYONE WE WILL BE HERE ON JANUARY FIRST 2013.

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Japan earthquake Fukushima Daichi Nulcear plant radiation threat

The Japan earthquake and Tsunami has caused damage to the nuclear power plant at Fukushima Daichi where the Nuclear radiation levels have reached a 1000 times the normal level.This is due to the overheating of the core of the Nuclear reactor.

Nuclear reactor is a device where self sustained controlled  nuclear chain reactions take place, but it seems to have gone out of control at this moment in time in Japan.

The main problem behind the radiation is due to overheating of the core, the core is the central part of a nuclear reactor where the nuclear reactions take place, due to lack of coolant in the nuclear reactor at Fukushima Daichi.

Over 1000 people who are living and working near the Fukushima Daichi nuclear power plant have been told to evacuate.

The United States of America have sent the Ronald Regan and many other ships to reach supplies to the Japan mainland, which has been ravaged by the earthquake and Tsunami.

The United States has also sent coolant supplies to the nuclear reactor in Japan.

Coolant is used to control the temperatures in the nuclear reactor core. Coolants are substances like heavy Water.

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Calamity Accident Insurance cost rises up after Japan Earthquake 2011

As Japan suffers its worst earthquake in over 140 years, many calamity insurance companies will go under huge losses as over 3 million people are affected by the Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011 Japan.

Also most of the calamity insurances in India are up for renewal in April of 2011, 2012, hence the premium rates of calamity insurance may be affected this year and the year to follow.

With each Insurance backing up over 100000$, the cost of Insurance companies may go up to over 4 or 5 million.
The calamity insurance will surely be in a tight spot after the earthquake and Tsunami of Japan 2011.
These companies, I believe may have to take out loans to pay up to the people who have lost their loved ones and home, they definitely need some assistance in this time of need.

I hope for the best for the people of Japan and so should you.

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Oil prices reduced below 100$ after Japan earthquake and Tsunami 2011

Oil was easily over 100$ a barrel in USA especially New York, but recent developments in Japan, the earthquake and the Tsunami slashed the oil prices below 100$ in New York USA.
Some experts stated that the demand for oil may reduce drastically in the coming weeks especially in the regions affected by the Japan 2011 earthquake and Tsunami, and hence reduce the oil prices even further.After China and the USA, Japan is the next biggest consumer of crude oil and many other commodities, all of which are going to be hit in the coming weeks.So the coming weeks will not be good times for commodity traders and oil merchants especially in areas around Japan and even in countries like Australia and New Zealand.

Crude oil prices further fell as Suadi Arabia put up some new strict rules for oil exports.Saudi Arabia delivers about a quarter of worlds oil and hence is a linchpin in oil industry, this is definitely worrying countries such as India, China Etc.

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Party Planning for Birthday, College, Anniversary, New Years

Party planning is very important if you are going to throw a good party which everyone will like.Here are some tips-
1)Keep party stuff and paintings to light colored, as it is a light event.
2)Make sure all food items and cool drinks are delivered two to three hours before the party to avoid any tension.
3)Make sure you give away ballons and gifts when people are leaving, as if they are happy when they leave, they will like the party.

1)Keep guest list limited, this will reduce unwanted guest will disrupt the party.
2)Hire bouncers to repel any gate crashers.
3)Have good music, as this is most important part of a party.

1)Make sure appropriate gifts are in order.
2)Keep guest list very limited as this is a family event.

New Years-
1)Get permit for all night party.
2)Have good music till midnight.
3)get countdown clock till seconds time.

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Million Man March After Egypt now Hyderabad in India 2011 statue

After the partial success of Million man march in Egypt against the rule, here in India as well a Million man march took place in Hyderabad. These million marches are becoming very popular indeed.
But as usual any march that involves so many agitated people turns violent at some point or the other, but unlike Egypt, there were no casualties in Hyderabad.
The people that want telangana to become a separate state, the people who want to split Andhra Pradesh into two states broke many statues in Hyderabad and threw them into the Hussain Sagar lake which is an iconic place in Hyderabad.
This is a way of showing how agitated they have become after an unresponsive govermnet, but you cant blame both parties, a government simply cannot make another state just like that and these people also have their concerns.
Looks like there is no end to the Telangana feud in the near future.

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How to eat cut and chop onion without tears tips

Ever cut onions? You will get those teary eyes due to some properties of onion, but we wont talk about that, here are some tips for eating cutting chopping onion, spring onions without getting tears-

1)Wear goggles. Blocks out some of the gas that makes you tear up, does not completely remove the tears.

2)Chew bubble gum- Do not know how but it reduces the tears, do not know the scientific reason.

3)Take breaks of ten minutes between cutting or chopping onions.

4)Do not eat raw onion although it is good for health. Cooked onion has no tear properties.

5)Think of something else while cutting onion, might help.

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2011 earthquake Tusnami to hit Hawii soon USA

The earthquake of the oast of Japan near the city of Sendai is believed to be own its way carrying a Tsunami towards the tiny Pacific island of Hawaii, Waves that might hit the hawii Island have not yet been estimated and hence the damage it may cause is unknown.Let us hope for the best and hope that the damage is not much this time around.

But scientists beleive that the volcanic formation of land around hawaii will aid the Tsunami wave to gather more height if not speed, so if you know any one in Hawaii or the Pacific islands, please let them know about this so that they can get to safety.

Also one good thing is that there is nor converging bay in Hawaii and hence the waves will not get amplified.

In other places like Russia massive evacuation is under way and around 11000 people have been evacuated from the far east coast of Russia.The far east coast of russia has only about 20000 population.
Many countries have offered help for Japan.

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Tragedy strikes Japan Video, All countries need to prepare for the same India

Tragedy struck Japan but it had enough preparation and disaster management to reduce what could have been a huge death toll, all other countries need to do the same sort of preparation and disaster management to reduce the effect of such future disasters, which in this changing world can be in any form and may hit anywhere in the world.

Japan is known to practice drills each year for such situations which are becoming common not only in Japan but all over the world.
I am sure all countries will soon have their disaster management plans in place.

The buildings in Japan are constructed by studying the ancient temples of Japan that do not crumble and fall down even in strong earthquakes, hence they are safe during an earthquake.
The reason for the severity of the 2011 Japan earthquake is due to the fact that the quake had its epicenter in the shallow region of just 24 kilometers below the sea bed offshore of Sendai.

We could see the unbelievable scenes of Office buildings shaking and the people inside ducking for cover, some moving scenes they are.

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Japan earthquake 8.9 2011 beginning of the end? 2012 Tusnami

Just two weeks back, we saw a massive earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand, and just as we were recovering from the shock of that news, now we are faced with one of the craziest earth quakes ever recorded, of the similar magnitude of the Indian Ocean quake which affected millions just a few years back.

How long will it take for Japan to recover?

The hurricane Katrina and many such hurricanes have decimated many homes in the last couple of years.
Are these the signs of impending events, remember the year 2012 is just around the horizon and we may yet have to face many more such calamities.

Let us pray for the people of Japan, as they need every help they can get at the moment.
Although Japan gets earthquakes very often and the buildings and infrastructure there has been stocked up to face these dangers, yet they have never seen an earthquake of this magnitude, at least not since the last 140 years.

The countries that are going to be affected by the Tsunami are Phillipines, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, USA among the 20 countries that are going to be affected by the Tsunami.

Please people share this with others and hope for the best for the People of Japan.

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Blogger own custom domain advantages and disadvantages

Blogger is a free service provided by Google.It gives the option for users to use a sub domain, like, or to buy a custom domain such as, Google Blogger also provides any time switch between sub domain blogspot to your own domain name.But once this is done there is no turning back to sub domain.
So is it worth to have your own blogger custom domain?
1)Blogger domains have unlimited bandwidth, its better to go with blogger domain than any other hosting service.
2)Blogger domain also comes with free hosting, so you only need to pay for your domain and no need to pay for hosting.
3)Your own blogger domain can also look more professional if you are running a business.People tend to trust domain more than sub domains.
4)You will have more options with design and other features.
5)You can also sell your own domain to someone but you cannot sell a sub domain.
6)Private advertisers are more willing to pay for ads on own custom domains.

1)There is no need for hobby bloggers and small time money makers to shift to own custom domain.
2)Not too much difference in features between own custom domain and blogger domain.
3)Many people are making a good deal of money without own custom domain.
4)You will have to pay for your domain, with a sub domain, you do not need to.

Hope it helped.
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Blogger Bandwidth

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Blogger Blog Bandwidth limit-How many visitors at a time?

Blogger Blogs are run by Google, which probably everyone knows, at least everyone who uses blogger knows.
Hence we can expect a high quality from Blogger, we can expect high quality from anything that Google gets involved in.
Blogger is a free hosting service from Google but it has UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH, that means it can be online without any problem, even if you have over a million visitors at once on your blogger blog.
So do not worry about Bandwidth of Blogger Blogs.What you do need to worry about is the space for the images that you upload, up to 1GB it is free.
After that you need to pay for image hosting from Picasa web albums which have tied up with Google.
After crossing the limit,

10GB for 20-25$ a year
40GB for 75-80$ a year
150GB for 250-260$ a year
400GB for 500-510$ a year
Not 100% sure of prices

And also when you have a lot of images, and you get hundreds of thousands of visitors at once, the blog may not work properly as image hosting is not Bandwidth free.
But for a free hosting service, this is really good deal from Google for its Blogger blog users.
This is the big advantage of Blogger, even some paid services which charge a lot for hosting do not give you unlimited bandwidth, also they may have server downtime, during which your website would not work, but Blogger has no server downtime as well.

This unlimited bandwidth is applicable to standard blogger templates, which you get the options of in Template designer.If you are using custom templates then you may experience lags and slow loading time during large surges of traffic.

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Parakeet Budgie Personality and Character

Parakeets are kind little creatures, they never try to hurt anything or anyone.
If you ask me, they are the best pet birds for kids, children or actually even adults.They never ask for much, they only ask for a little love, which if you give, they give back ten fold, Yes, even more than dogs.At least I believe so.

If you ask any pet bird lover about parakeet or Budgie personality, character and behavior, they will say that it depends on the individual bird.Yes, this is true, each budgie has its own personality, I have had a budgie that used to go and make friends with all other birds, I had one more which never used to hang out with the other birds.
Also I had budgies which formed couples and pairs, but others remained single, some of my budgies even bonded very well with lovebirds and cockatiels. So it all depends on the individual, but naturally they are flock birds, so they will enjoy interaction with other birds.
So if you buy them buy them in at least twos and threes.

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Tips to increase Alexa Rank-How to-quickly and fast

Alexa Rank is not exactly important for Google indexing your blog or website, nor does it have any impact on Google page rank or you SEO or SERP.
So why need an Alexa Rank?
Alexa rank is important if you want to privately advertise on your blog or website.
Alexa rank is also a measure of your blogs or websites popularity on the web and in your country.

Here are some tips to increase Alexa Rank quickly and fast -

1)Install Alexa Toolbar- Whenever you visit your blog or website, it will increase the views and hence increase your Alexa rank.

2)Ask your Friends to use Alexa Toolbar so that when they visit, your Alexa rank increases.

3)Improve your SEO as this will bring more visitors and hence get a better Alexa Rank.

4)Exchange Links and Banners with good websites to get a better Alexa rank, as the number of sites linking in to your Blog or website increase your Alexa Rank.

5)Put up a Alexa Badge on your website or blog, as that will also record visitors to increase Alexa Rank.You can see the badge in my blog as well.

6)Write about and blog about Alexa rank and SEO as most webmasters who search for these topics will have Alexa toolbar and hence increase your Alexa Rank.

Hope it helped. Share and Tweet it.

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How to be a better striker center forward in football soccer?

A striker or center forward or a front line target man is on of the most important positions in a football or soccer team.
Here are some tips for being a better striker-
1)Lead the line, always look to attack as that is your main goal, to score goals.

2)Close down weary defenders, closing down defenders makes them more prone to mistakes as you are pressurizing them, they will panic and make mistakes.

3)Practice your headers, headers will be very important if you are the loan man up front and you are receiving long passes from mid field and wide players.

4)Build upper body strength, very useful when your are playing loan man upfront, like Didier Drogba for Chelsea.

5)Link up with other strikers and form a partnership, when you work in pairs or triangles, it is easier to get through the defense of the opponents.

6)Poach the goal, look out for any opportunities for tap ins, headers and rebounds and always be the first to  react to these situation, an excellent example for this is Ruud Van NistleRooy.

7)Wear sand bags to your ankles and run, but be sure not to injure yourself, this will definitely increase your running speed and hence make you faster during the game.

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Tips on leading Football Cricket or Basketball Team Captain

Wondering how it would be once you became the captain of your college or varsity or university team for Football, Soccer, Basketball or Cricket or actually any sport? Here are some tips to be a better leader and captain of your sports team.

1)Be very confident, never show your team that you are weak, If you do they will stop respecting your decisions and they will stop following you, once this happens, there is no turning back. Do not be overconfident as well, this will lead to complacency of your team, which can cause your downfall.

2)Lead from the front, a captain is usually the best player or the mentally toughest player, because a captain needs to be these things, or else he will not get the inner belief that he belongs there to lead the team.

3)Learn from your mistakes, this is where experience comes in. You gain this after playing a lot in your respective sport.That is why most captains are not young, they are usually middle aged when they are made captain and then carry on till their twilight years in the sport.

4)Be ready to accept others opinions, remember you will not be the only good player and experienced player in your side, you need to be open to listen to other senior players advice.

5)Do not be too friendly or joking all the time, this will definitely make you look lesser in the eyes of your team, hold a strong position and you should be alright. You would have seen most captains would be serious characters.

6)Praise good performances by team mates and also criticize bad performances, this will make sure that your words are important to the team.

7)Back your players even if they a run of bad games, help them get through the tough times, this will make yourself feel good as well as create a good image of you to your team mates.

8)Be prepared to sacrifice for your team.

Lastly follow your instincts in tight situations.
Remember there is no"I" in team.

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Website Blog Monetize with private ads - Your Ad here - Alexa Rank Page

If you are not satisfied with Google adsense or Amazon Associates or whatever it is that you are using for monetizing your blog or Website, you can always add private ads from companies for a fixed price each week or each month.
Factors that you need to think about before giving advertising space.
1)Your Alexa Rank is very important, most companies do not pay money to put up their ads in blogs or websites that are more than 1 million Alexa rank, although you can get lower paying companies for around 2 million Alexa rank. So improve your Alexa rank.

2)Your Google Page Rank is also important as the private advertisers look at your page rank for the popularity of your blog or website.A Page rank above 3 should be just fine.

3)Also do not have too many contextual ads in your blog or website as this will reduce the likelihood of getting private ads.

4)Do not wait for Advertisers to come to you, approach them with your statistics.

5)Do not approach big companies unless you have an Alexa rank of 100000 or less.

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Physiotherapy Salary Career Training opportunities In USA India and UK

Physiotherapy is a fast upcoming field of medicine which deals with physical aspects such as pain relieving, immediate injury treatment, first aid and other physical issues like stress releasing and stress busting techniques.
Physiotherapists are in great demand all over the world, especially in countries like United States of America or USA, India and United Kingdom or UK.

Average Physiotherapist salary in the USA per annum is about 20000$ and in UK the average salary is a little higher than that in the USA but in India it is about half that of the Salary in USA.

Physiotherapists have lately been widely used in all forms of sports like Football or Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, even in swimming believe it or not!

Physiotherapists are vital for sports persons as they give them good physical care during times of Injury or rehabilitation, physios guide the players through their injury.

Physiotherapy can also have good things like meeting and treating professional sports persons and celebrities.
Physiotherapy will soon become even bigger and salaries will surely increase, though not by much, but definitely it will and it will become a popular profession.

Physiotherapy courses can be done by anyone, there are even online courses for the same!

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Chelsea Fc Best starting Line up 2011

Here is what I think is the best starting line up for Chelsea Football club for the rest of the season on English Premier League 2011

                                                        Torres                 Drogba

                                        Zhirkov                                              Anelka

                                                     Lampard                 Essien

                          Cole                    Terry                 Luis              Bosingwa


What do you think Chelsea Fans? Tell me by commenting.
Chelsea needs to retain the Premier league this season, Manchester United are losing track and Arsenal also are not very reliable on picking up points, Manchester City as well are very inconsistent so there is a good chance for Chelsea this season, also lets hope for the best in the Champions league and lets hope Fernando Torres picks up his form.


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Blogger Blog Vs Website or Own Domain

This topic is split into to two halves, the first is why blogger blogs must be used and second is why your own website or domain is better, then its you who will have to decide.

Blogger Blog -
Easiest Maintenance and updating.
Quick Information update.
Very User Friendly.
No knowledge of HTML or PHP required.
Simple and effective Gadgets tool.
Most of SEO is taken care of by blogger itself.
Blogger automatically Pings your new posts.
Pi-casa web album integration for easier access and storage of Photos on your blog.
YouTube widget for easy video sharing to posts.
Easy edit options on all Pages, Posts and widgets.
Gets Indexed really fast.
Monetize option with reports.

Website or Own Domain -
Professional Look.
More variety and freedom in options.
No limitations on templates.
Unlimited Bandwidth.
More freedom in monetize option.
Easy website development softwares available for low prices.
More options with Meta Tags and hence with SEO
Gadget and widgets can be placed anywhere.

Also Check out, why Blogger Blog SEO is easier than Website.

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Make your Blogger blog look attractive tips

Making you blogger blog attractive will want people visiting your blog to stay on your blog and visit more pages, hence making your blog look attractive is very important.Here are few tips to make your blogger blog look more attractive.

Take a look at the important gadgets and most popular gadgets, you will find many apps and widgets which are perfect to make your blog look better, like the fish application or widget, YouTube Video application, the picture slideshow gadget Etc.

I would recommend you to use a picture template as this will look really pleasing on the eye and beautiful.There are three such templates to choose from in your Blogger Blog template designer tool.

Also add interesting facts about your topic or niche and also be friendly with visitors and respond to their questions and make a nice atmosphere for visitors, they will surely return.

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Indian Football - Salt Lake City Stadium, Capacity Second in World

The bright star of Indian football in the world scene is its main stadium in Kolkata Bengal, The Salt Lake City stadium which is the second largest in the world for football or soccer stadiums.
India is surely proud to have such an amazing stadium to call its home, although the national team have done nothing to fill up this stadium with interest, The stadium has a maximum capacity of 120000 people and
If filled will be an unbelievable sight to behold, especially with Indian Passion for supporting their teams especially shown to the Cricket team of India lead by Mahindra Singh Dhoni who himself is an excellent footballer and was once a goal keeper.

Similar to Dhoni is India's only player to have played in England, Bhaichung Bhutia who has been without a doubt the best India ha produced.

Lets hope in the near future India will get qualified for world cup and hence increase Indian football support.

Also see, India Football Developement

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Ten action plus Tata Sky only DTH without it Ten Cricket 2011

Although Tata sky has all other channels that anyone could ask for, Ten Action Plus is one channel that has not been included yet, it is the only DTH without Ten Action, all other DTH like Big TV Reliance Digital, Dish TV have Ten action plus as an optional channel package.

Recently just before the tour of South Africa for Indian Cricket team, Tata Sky introduced Ten Cricket.So it is to be seen if they introduce Ten Action Plus soon due to champions league popularity in India.

Well all Football lovers in India will be wishing for Ten Action Plus to be launched in India on Tata  Sky Platform.


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All Soccer Football Rules and Regulations and Laws

Here are all the Basic rules, regulations and Laws of Football or Soccer, whatever you want to call it.

1)Football o soccer is played on a field of minimum dimensions of 100 yards long and 60 yards wide.
2)Two teams play at once and each team consists of a total of eleven players.
3)Of the eleven players, one is the Goal Keeper and the rest are called outfield players.
4)The main aim of the game is to put the ball into the oppositions net as many times as possible and ultimately more times than the opposition.
5)Only the goal keeper is allowed to use his hands to hold the ball, others can not use their hands.
6)Whenever a player commits a foul he receives a card based on th severity of the foul.Yellow for lesser fouls and red for more severe fouls.
7)Each game of football lasts for 90 minutes split into two halves each of 45 minutes.
8)Each team is allowed to make three substitutions to the players.
9)Once a player is substituted he cannot be brought back again.
10)The game is started with the ball at the center of the field.
11)When the ball goes out of the touch line, a Throw In is awarded.
12)When the ball goes behind the Goal, a Goal kick or corner is awarded based on the team which put the ball out.
13)Corners are meant to be taken from the corner flag.
14)Goal Kicks are taken from the 6 yard box in front of the goal.
15)Any foul inside the Penalty box of 18 yards results in a Penalty and the Penalty is taken from the Penalty spot.
16)A ball does not need to touch the ground after crossing the out lines, even if they are in the air it is considered out of play.
17)Whenever a team is awarded a free kick, the opposition can form a wall to defend the free kick from a minimum distance of six yards.
18)The last player receiving a pass must be behind the last defender, if he is in front, he is ruled Off Side.
19)If a player commits a foul during a clear goal scoring opportunity or a last man foul, he is liable for a direct red card.
20)The manager of the team cannot come out of the technical area to give advice and instructions to the players.
21)Even the managers can be sent off for wrong conduct.
22)Shirt pulling is liable for a yellow card.
23)Off Side rule does not apply if the last defender is in front of the half way line.
24)When passing in front of the Goal Keeper, Even the goal keeper is considered as last defender and same rules of Off side apply even in this case.
25)Referee's decision is final and cannot be contested even if proved wrong after the game.

For any other rules that you may want conformation on, please leave a comment.

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Soccer Superstars from United States of America. MLS

I Have been wanting to make a list of all the best players to have played in the Major League Soccer or the MLS in Untied States Of America.Only Thing I disagree with them is that they call it Soccer and not Football!

The MLS is doing wonders for the growth of football or soccer in the USA, we can clearly see that the number of good players being shipped out to other Leagues in Europe such as Barclay's Premier League or the English Premier League and Spanish La Ligua have increased drastically over the past decade, also some superstar names in the twilight of their career have played in the MLS increasing the popularity of the game in the USA.

Here are a list of top quality players related to MLS USA-
1)Pele - The greatest player ever played in the MLS for two seasons.
2)Luis Figo
3)David Beckham - Spends most of his time away from MLS on loan though!
4)London Donovan - The best player produced by the USA
5)Clint Dempsey - Playing for Fulham in the English Premier League
6)Tim Howard - Long time player in the English Premier league, played for the Great Manchester United Club.
7)Sunil Chetri - Only Indian Player to play for an American Soccer club, he played for Kansas City Wizards for a Season.

We can clearly see the development of American Football through the good performance they showed in the Football World Cup recently.

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Football Or Soccer Improvement in Infrastructure developing countries

Football or Soccer as it is called in the Untied States of America is worlds most viewed and followed game, it is also termed as the beautiful game, but for people of developing countries, Their country doing well in International Football is still a dream.

If You see for the past couple of decades, all the bright young talents that are going to be the superstars of future have come from Europe or South America. Not one has come up to a world class level from countries of continents like Asia.Recently though improvement in Football Infrastructure has lead to players such a Honda, Park Ji Sung, Lee Young Pyo from Asia playing well at the global stage.

Right now there is still a huge lack of football infrastructure in Indian sub continent and all other countries of Asia other than Japan and China, so the FIFA has to do more to extract the potential of these countries as they can be the world leaders in Football in the coming years.

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How I got My blog Indexed within 1 day and topped Google search list

Hello everyone, today I will let you in on how I got my blog indexed within 24 hours of creating the blog and then topping the Google search engine list within the first day for my keywords, mind you I did not have too much competition for some of the keywords.So it might take a little longer, may be up to a week for you to get your blog top of search engine list.

First thing you need to do is to apply good meta description tags for your blog main page, ad proper appropriate description tags and do not worry much about keywords meta tag as Google does not use this much, If you want to top Yahoo or Bing, you better use Keyword tags as well, but with 95% of search traffic going to Google there would not be much use.

I know many sites tell you to add meta tags to each post of your blog, but after trial and error, I felt there is not much use in adding meta tags to each post,at least Blogger Blogs do not need them. Blogger Blogs have a system where the Title of your post becomes keywords and your post body becomes description, so that is enough for search engines.After all if you have themed blog, you will end up putting same tags for all and it will become duplicates.

Then you need to put links to your website out there, the reason I got my blog indexed so fast was that I had another blog which would get indexed very fast after each post, like within seconds.So when the bots reach that blog, they will follow into your new blog, you can do this by posting comments on other websites and blogs, that you know will get indexed really fast.

Last, keep updating your blog often, only then will you get indexed fast each time you post, this is very important.

Also check out: Blogger Blogs better for SEO than Websites.

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Hand Feeding Pet Birds - African Grey Parrot Chick baby

Hand feeding is an excellent way to bond with a parrot or pet bird when it is young, it makes humans feel less of a threat to parrots, here is a video of an African Grey Parrot being hand fed by an exotic pet bird breeder in India, Coimbatore called Preethi Farms. This exercise makes African grey parrots very much attached to human attention and hence make excellent pets, I believe hand feeding must be done only by expert professionals who have experience, Preethi Farms have that. Make sure you learn from this video how to hand feed African grey parrot baby chicks.

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Want to buy a pet bird parrot?Things to consider before buying

There are a lot of things you need to consider before buying pet birds or parrots, here are a few of them:

1)Do you know a good Avian Veterinarian? If not do not buy pet birds or parrots.

2)Do you know that some parrots can live past 50 years and some can even have an average life span of over 100 years like the black palm cockatoo, can you handle such a long responsibility and relation? What about the bird after you are gone? Who will take care of them? Think of these before buying.

3)Do you know that the bigger parrots can make a lot of noise? Are you prepared to handle very loud wake up calls early in the morning? Are you prepared to answer your neighbors for noise problems?

4)Do you know that certain pet bird species develop mental trauma and can result to feather plucking?Like in the Cockatoos.How are you going to deal with that?

5)The smaller birds are relatively economical to take care of, but the bigger parrots can have bills going up to thousands of dollars a year, ready to handle that?

6)Some countries forbid the sale of exotic pet birds, so please check that as well.

7)Are you ready to spend at least two hours a day of quality interaction time with your pet bird at home? If not consider getting two of a kind, but again the bills increase.

8)Are you ready to bird proof your home? As you will need to allow them out of their cage for a while each day to stretch their wings and explore?

9?Are you ready to provide toys, vitamin and calcium blocks to your pet bird?

10)Do not even think about breeding yet.

11)What are you going to do with your pet birds when are travelling for a week or so?

12)Do you have kids at home?The bigger birds can injure kids unintentionally as the kids are clumsy and may threaten the birds.

13)Do you have other pets such as cats or dogs at home?

14)Does everyone in your household love pet birds?This can become very important.

15) Ready for the initial Price of Pet Birds?

After thinking about all these, please watch this video as well.

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