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Lot of African Grey Parrots for sale in India, But do you want to buy it?

African Grey Parrots are without a doubt most intelligent of all parrots and the most with an inclination to talking.
African Grey Parrots are the reasons why they are in so much demand all over the world, including India.

Lot of people are hand raising african grey parrots in thier houses or in pet bird breeding farms around India, including places like Bangalore, mumba, delhi, kolkata, chennai, punjab etc.

African Grey Parrots are available for an average price of around Rs. 40000 all over India.

With a price that hefty, you might think who would want to buy African Grey Parrots, but there is huge demand for African Grey Parrots in India.
But do you really want to buy African Grey Parrots?
First of all their initial price is heavy.
Cost of food, toys, cage, vet bills, even more than their price.
African Grey Parrots can be very vocal and exactly suited for apartments or close by housing societies, their call can be heard from 100 meters away.
African Grey Parrots live to be 45 to 50 years old, which is a big lifespan and average age so you should know its a life long commitment.
African Grey Parrots need constant attention as they are so intelligent.
The Indian Law is also not certain about the owning of Parrots.
Most importantly, African Grey Parrots are more used to the drier weathers of Africa rather than the moist climate of India.

So please think about all this and buy African Grey Parrots only if you can give them the best quality life.

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krishankant said...


Gautham A S said...

Where are you located in India?
In bangalore, african grey parrot can cost between 30000 to 40000 rupees, please see this link

Jismy said...

Hi, Im looking at owning a African Grey parrot. Though, its a lil bit on the expensive side, I do not mind shelling out that much. Just a few questions

1. How much attention do they need?
2. Do they need a cage? (Can I buy a stand and have a chain on him)
3. How long does it take to train him to talk
4. Do they get more attached to one person in the family?
5. Are they friendly? Do they bite
6. What is the best age to get them?

Thanks in advance. I realise its a bunch of questions but I'd very much appreciate it if you could answer some or all of them! =)

Gautham A S said...

They need atleast two to three hours of interaction apart for toys.
Yes they NEED a cage, no you cannot chain them, but a stand would also be necessary.
Yes they tend to get more attached to one person.
They are friendly if bought from a breeder who has hand tamed them.
Best age would be between 6 to 9 months.

Anonymous said...

Always remember that all Africa Greys dont always talk.
The more you talk to them, rather than whistle, they will talk back with you.
But dont buy a African Grey thinking that he/she would talk by default!!
A fully talking african grey would cost you anywhere between 60 - 85k

sameer said...

heyy iwant to buy parrot eggs or can u plzz help me with rates...and i stay in india..(mumbai) can it be delivered here...thanks...u can contact me on 9619996660...or u can also reply on

Anonymous said...

The information given here is partly incorrect. 5hey are hardy birds if given the proper crae, food and attention. Yes they are expensive cos they are diffivult to breed. There is a lot of demand for their ability to mimic sounds which includes talking. But as said earlier shoudnt be bought for its talking ability. Each grey is aan idvidual bird with idividual personalities and should be treated so. A cage is necessary and so is a few toys.
Buying any pet is a comitment no matter what the time frame. Do not buy a grey parrot and put it in a cage and expect the bird to remain tame and start talking, u will start having a lot of problems. right food and cleaniness is vital for any being to be healthy. All what is said above is for pet birds and not for wild cuaght greys. There is a lot more to write regarding this species. Its a wonderful bird to have as a pet and easy to keep with some basic care

Senthilkumar said...

Thanks for the immediate reply, i read your msg, i also heared about it, conditions are not a problem, please send me photo of both type of birds to my mail id immediately.

Sharath said...

Hi guys, any contacts in chennai for Africal Grey & maccaw? pls do mail me

Anonymous said...

I want to buy an african grey parrot (Kolkata). Will I get it for 10,000 .
What is their lifespan


Hey i have african grey chicks for sale.....just 45 days old......mail me if interested giving out for a low

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