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Adsense India Tips - PIN Cheque delivery

Adsense in India has grown enormously, With thousands of publishers, India is playing a major part in adsense business.
In countries like India Google wants a Blog or a website to be operational for at least six months to be able to qualify for adsense program.It also requires your website to have quality original content and not be websites made only for adsense.
You should preferably not be advertising any other ad agencies in your website or blog.
Adsense outsources its PIN and cheque delivery and hence some remote parts of India is not recieving them on time.
I have seen many forums where Indians are complaining about how they did not recieve PIN or cheque.
Make sure you have written your adsense address properly in your account.
Make sure you are at home during possible delivery dates to collect the post.
Make sure you check with local postman and post office for information.

Also see Adsense PIN Problems for more info.

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