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Famous Birds Of India

India is famous for many things such as cricket, spicy food, cuisine Etc.
India is also famous for its Birds, here are a few that are very famous indeed.
I'm not talking about those wild birds, no, but about those pet birds, as this is a pet birds blog!

1) We already talked about the man who is living side by side with his two parrots and how they go around with him everywhere, even on his Motor Bike.
See Indian Man living side by side with his two parrots in Tamil Nadu
2)This African Grey Parrot is known for singing Sacred Prayers, it is found in Gujarat.
African Greys are known to be extremely good talkers, but this African grey parrot in India has taken to singing sacred prayers as well.This bird is almost as famous as Einstein the talking parrot.

3)The Indian Ring-neck Parrot or Parakeet: This bird native to India is one of the most famous and well known varieties of pet birds.They are very common as Pet Birds as well and in India you can buy them for a price of around 40000 Rs.In the USA they may cost up-to a 1000$. But they are well worth it.

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