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Can African Grey Parrots be kept together with Macaw and Cockatiel?

African grey parrots are not very ferocious or unfriendly parrots, they are actually very friendly parrots indeed.
But a Macaw can get breathing problems as described in Can macaw and cockatoo be kept together?, due tot the excessive dust particles sent out by African Grey Parrots and Cockatiels. The cockatiel may get hurt inadvertently if kept with these larger birds.
So a cockatiel cannot be kept with a Macaw and an African Grey Parrot.
Also Macaws and African Grey parrots and cockatiels need very different foods and if you keep them together, you will have to feed them the same thing as if you keep out a food bowl, they both will eat the same thing and some foods which are excellent for Macaws may not be that great for African Greys.
For example, African Grey Parrots do not eat the brazil nut but for Macaws they are a favorite.

So please be careful when you put two different birds together.

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