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Wing clipping clip for Macaws, Cockatoos, Parrots.

Wing clipping is very essential for the safety of a pet bird in the house. An Un - clipped bird may fly about randomly and crash into walls, mirrors or ceiling fans, which may break the neck of a bird or cause it's skull to fracture, or may even kill the bird in the case of a ceiling fan. Especially larger birds such as Macaws, Cockatoos and larger parrots.

To clip a large birds wings is not easy.The larger birds such as Macaws, Cockatoos and other larger parrots are too big to handle easily and safely. You may cause injury to the birds wings or the bird may bite you, remember a bite from big birds is tough to handle even for tough guys! It may even result in broken fingers and bleeding.

So I would recommend you take your bird to an avian veterinarian  as they would be experienced in clipping the wings of the bird.I would recommend you to watch and learn the first few times and then you can do it on your own.
The time you are ready to cut a birds wings is when you can differentiate between flight feathers and blood feathers.
Once you know how to clip wings, you should use a cloth or towel to cover the face of the bird, but not tightly, it needs to be comfortable. This calms the bird down for the clipping process. You do not need a bird shaking about while clipping its wings.
You should also use scissors with blunt ends so that you do not poke the bird. Also look out for the legs, birds usually hide their legs next to their wings, so be careful.

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