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Hyacinth Macaw as a Pet

Hyacinth Macaws are the most beautiful and grandeur of all the macaw family. They are also the biggest of all exotic pet birds and also the most expensive.They have beautiful blue plumage and yellow around their black beaks which can cut metal.

Hyacinth Macaws cost anywhere between 10000 to 16000 $(dollars) and Rs 300000 In Asian countries like India, Pakistan ,Sri Lanka Etc.

To take care of a Hyacinth Macaws daily needs, you may need in upwards of 400$ a month as it is has specific needs compared to many other exotic Pet Birds.That adds up to to 3600$ a year.

Hyacinth macaws should always be bought from a breeder who has spent time training and taming the macaw as they become nearly uncontrollable if not hand tamed due to their size.

Hyacinth Macaws need a large cage at least 7 feet wide and 5 feet Tall and 6 feet deep.
This should be the smallest cage you are ready to put the macaw in.

Hyacinth macaws need regular supply of exotic nut and tropical fruits and vegetables for maintenance of good health.There is no better sight than a fully healthy Hyacinth Macaw.

In India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka, Afghanistan,Bangladesh Hyacinth Macaws can thrive but please check out my Posts on Pet Birds suitable for India for more.

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