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Why Adsense is best and Alternatives are bad? Tips

Google Adsense program is the best advertising stage for advertisers as well as best publishing opportunity.
Here  I would like to tell you why Adsense is the best there is and why other alternatives do not make the cut.

Adsense pays more!
Adsense clearly pays more than other advertising networks such as Bidvertizer, Adbrite, Chitika Etc.
Adsense gives more ads that are related to your content on your website or blog, which is the only way you are going to make money.
Adsense has prompt advertiser and publisher support as well as forums for reporting issues Etc, so all your queries will get resolved very fast, I'm speaking from first hand experience.
Adsense has strict rules of publishing and hence Advertisers like them.
Adbrite, Chitika etc do not seem to give proper CPC, I have experienced.They rarely give out checks on time as well.

So overall Adsense is best for advertising as well as publishing, this is clearly stated by the facts above and also that adsense is ten times bigger than any other advertising company.

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