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Can Cockatiel Parakeet Lovebird live happily together?

Many people around the world have parakeet, lovebirds,cockatiels as pets in the same home but often resort to keeping them in separate cages, each one of which costs hundreds of dollars.
Thankfully I don't have to do so, my budgies,lovebirds and cockatiel live happily together without any fighting and enmity, although sometimes they do get nippy with each other, well that happens to all birds and even us humans sometimes get angry with our loved ones.

The surprising thing is that my parakeets and love birds are in pairs and my cockatiel is all alone but still all remain like best friends! I am so lucky to have these birds!

You may think that it is cruel to keep them in the same cage, but they are all ways outside. They go to their cage only for nap time and they all have separate places to sleep and they do so orderly each time they go to sleep!

The times they do get nippy with each other is when I feed them with the same bowl, they all jump in and the Lovebirds dominate over them and eat first, then my cockatiel and budgies get to eat, but there's plenty for every one!

You can check out my advice on Keeping lovebirds and parakeets together. I usually say don't keep them together but my case is not the normal case, it depends on the personality of the birds.

Here is a video of my budgies, lovebirds and cockatiel happily preening together!

These are my videos but you can embed them in your website if you like them!But be sure to include a link back to this blog!
Also check out my other birds pictures at MY BIRDS.

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thank you for that post! it really helped :)

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