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How to get Budgies Parakeets to start eating vegetables?

Hi, I am writing from India, I hope people from India who are interested in exotic pet bird raising as a hobby or business know that there are others like them out there.

So coming to budgies eating vegetables, first of all you should know that a parakeets beak is not very strong so it may not be able to eat some vegetables.
Budgies love coriander, chillies, corn on the cob, apples etc.
Slowly introduce them to eating vegetables and fruits by putting small bits of vegetables and fruits in their food bowl.You may not be successful at first but soon you will be, no doubt about it.
Even better is if you have some bigger birds that eat vegetables easily, the budgies see them and learn to eat vegetables and fruits.This I found was most successful.
My lovebirds readily eat any vegetable i give them, my budgies saw them and started eating.
Here is a video of my budgie eating coriander and chillies.
This was what i was talking about, my budgie seeing my lovebirds and eating vegetables and fruits.

Yes these are all my birds and i own the videos, but you are free to embed them in your website.

You Can also try the following things:
Wash the raw crisp vegetables and place them in thier favourite food bowl so that they know its food.
Attach some vegetable or fruit bits to their favourite toys so that they bite into it accidentally and may like it and hence start eating it.
If Your parakeet loves taking bath then just put a few bits of finely chopped carrot or beans into the water so that they may eat it.
Mix vegetables with your parakeets seed or pellet diet and hope they start eating the vegetables and fruits as well.
Remove the vegetables and fruits that have become rotten or wilted as their presence will make the budgie not want to eat.

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