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CreekWood Birds - Exotic Pet Bird Breeders in India, Pune Maharashtra

CreekWood Birds is Another Good exotic pet bird breeder in India located in Pune Maharashtra.
CreekWood Birds seem to be the only Exotic Pet bird breeder in Pune, Maharashtra.

I Checked out there website and CreekWood Birds seem to be really good and knowledgeable people when it comes to raising exotic pet birds in India.

CreekWood Birds seem to sell the following exotic pet birds in India:
African Lovebirds
African Grey Parrots
Amazon Parrots
Australian Parakeets
Macaws Etc.

CreekWood Birds have a good collection, I have to say.
CreekWood Birds also seem to offer pigeons and doves.
You can check out CreekWood Birds photo gallery and website :

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