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Adsense Tips : Reduce Bounce rate and earn Thousands of dollars!

Google adsense is a world wide phenomenon to earn money online.Today, taking time of my pet bird duties, I am going to give a really important lesson in earning more from adsense!
What is bounce rate?
Bounce rate is the number of visitors that leave your website from the landing page after only one page view.
If your bounce rate is high, Google will think your site has irrelevant content to the title and pushes it down in the Google search engine.This is true not only for Google but also other search engines.The higher the bounce rate, the more customers you are losing each day. 
Now for the important bit:

What should i do to reduce bounce rate?
Keep your description and keywords relevant to your website content.
Put links in your website leading to other pages.
Put images on which people can click on and go to other pages of your blog or website.
Advertise your other pages and the uniqueness of their content.
Also reduce the number of out bound links from your website or blog.
Keep the users interested by making each page look great, like this blog, and also involve great information relevant to the topics of your Meta Description and Keywords!

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Home Business said...

These Google AdSense tips are very beneficial for all the SEO users and they can easily make changes in that so that the bounce rate become very less.

Vidhya Ashram said...

Yes absolutely good information, Thanks!

Make Money Online said...

Thanks a lot, I am seeing good reduction of bounce rate thanks to your tips, excellent blog you have got here!

Class of 2010 said...

Brilliant blog, I felt your tips on other topics were also really good!

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