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Best Foods For your Parakeet or Budgie

Having owned  parakeets for the last seven years, I have developed some good knowledge on what to feed a parakeet or a budgie. Before you start reading, you should know that each budgie is different and hence needs different ways of feeding and has different tastes just like us humans do, you and your sibling share the same blood but don't have the same taste of food do you?

Lets begin.Parakeets love to eat millet.Don't give them any, I might seem harsh but millet is like a McDonald's French Fries or a Pizza Hut Pizza for us, not good for the health at all, but not bad once in a while, so keep the millet to maybe one or two servings a week, plus millet can be used as a good bribe for parakeets to encourage good behavior or to make them perform tricks, more on that later.

Parakeets need a variety of seeds, I include, little millet, little sunflower seeds, and a commercial mixture of seeds  and nuts to which I add a little bit of Oats. They absolutely love it.This is what i leave in their cage for when they get hungry.
In the evening just before they go to bed, I give them a mixture of Fruits and vegetables, you can see how to get parakeets to start eating vegetables.

I give a mixture of apples, carrots, beans, peas, coriander, red chillies, green chillies, corn on the cob Etc.
Out of all these their absolute favorite is coriander, any time of the day if they smell coriander, they go crazy!
But make sure that you do not leave the fruits and vegetables in the food dish as even after 3 or 4 hours, they may become rotten and then if your birds eat them, they may get sick.

Also parakeets do not have very strong beaks, so you need to make the fruits and vegetables to small sizes they can chew on.

You can see my Parakeet enjoying his millet feast once week.

Also a good addition to the diet would be Pellets, Zupreem Pellets are widely used by many.
But make sure that the entire diet is not Pellets.
Keep a good mix of seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, pellets for good health of your parakeet.

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