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Indian Birds: The Birds Of India

Ranging from the rugged and mountainous Himalayas to the thick and dense tropical forests, India plays host to some of the most beautiful and rare birds in the world during particular seasons of India.Since a long time India is known for it's beautiful birds and Bird Watching. More than one thousand species of birds are found in India. The beautiful and natural atmosphere and the quite and calm serenity of the Indian forests capture the interests of it's visitors for hours. If you really love bird watching then make sure to visit the famous Bird Sanctuaries of India. The rich variety of birds will not leave you bored even for a minute.This is also one of the main reason for the millions of tourists coming to India each year. The famous species of birds of India are, Indian Peafowl,  Common Kingfishers, Cuckoo- the Koel, Minvets and Sarus crane.Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one the best bird sanctuaries in the world,it has also been declared as a world heritage site since the 1980's.In southern India, are the world famous Great Horn Bills and the Pied Horn Bills in the south western ghats. Unfortunately these wonderful species are endangered.

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Ashok / I was the anonymous commenter on some other initial posts said...

Recently I read an article in The Hindu reg: the malabar hornbills. And it seems their population in on a rise and that's a good sign. The female bird is self entrapped in the nest for around 2 months and is fed by the male this entire time. These bird are really intriguing.

Gautham A S said...

Yes they seem to be getting better these days, the western ghats is the best place for them to thrive and nowhere else in the world can they thrive than the Western Ghats.

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