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Adsense Best Conversion Rate Targets - USA UK

Want to earn big on adsense?Who doesn't?So what should you do to earn big on adsense?

Here is the most important thing, Imagine your target traffic for your website or blog is from Asia and you get a thousand visitors from Asia, and probably get a decent CTR.

So for thousand visitors you may earn around a few dollars due to low average CPC of Asian countries.

Now, Imagine your target traffic is USA or UK, who have the most inclination to buying stuff and services online through use of credit cards, Then just imagine you get only 500 visitors a day, half of what you get with Asian target traffic, but you earn a lot more easily due to higher CPC of USA and UK.

Did you understand?
USA and UK are the best places to get traffic from as advertisers are more willing to pay even more for these traffic segments rather than Asia or Africa.

Take a look at average CPC for different countries.

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