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Pet Birds in the United Kingdom ( UK ) - England

United Kingdom is known for its mild summers to very cold winters, especially in England, when the winter temperatures would reach a chilling -5 or -10. Due to this extreme weather not many pet birds can be kept as pets in England or the UK in general.
Although I did a lot of research, I could not find what kind of pet birds could survive here. You can try the native Finches in your parts of the world, I am sure they will be able to withstand the cold.

Also I am sure each and every one of you will have heaters installed in your house, so you might be able to raise pet birds but if they escape from the house, they will surely die outside.May be Lovebirds or Parakeets may do the trick, I would not recommend Cockatiels as they are not very rugged birds.

I would not recommend Pet Birds for people in UK, I think you should rather go for Dogs or Native Cat species.

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