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Wetpets - Exotic pet birds for sale in Bangalore.

Wetpets is a pet store that I visited recently, i have to say it is one of the best pet stores in India or at least in Bangalore!
Wetpets owner is a person called Abdul Gulab Wahab, who seems to be a lover of animals.
This place has cockatoos, macaws, african grey parrots, senegal parrots, parakeets, lovebirds,cockatiels, rabbits,hamsters,cats etc.
There are three locations for this store in Bangalore.
The ones I visited was shivajinagar and infantry road.
All the birds seemed to be in excellent condition, i hope that they provide medical assistance for the birds if necessary.
I advice all pet lovers to visit this shop as soon as possible.
If you are going to buy pets, buy it from here, the people here seem to be knowledgeable about birds.
Here is there website:

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