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Symptoms Of a Sick Parrot

When anyone buys a pet parrot, they usually do not think about what would happen if the parrot got sick or ill.
When a bird gets sick, it usually does not show it until it has become very serious, birds do this as they avoid looking weak to ward off predators in the wild.When parrots do show signs of sickness, they would usually be too sick to be treated, and usually pass away.

But, not to worry, there are signs of illness you should look out for, I will brief some of them here.

The main thing would be to look for any change from normal activity such as lethargy, sleeping too much, breathing heavily, feathers looking very dull, fluffed up birds, nasal discharge, vomiting.As soon as you see this take the parrot to an Avian Veterinarian as soon as possible.

Look for signs of loss of appetite or eating excessively or the parrot hanging around the food bowl and not moving anywhere else.

Also Look for redness around the eyes, discharge from eyes and a watery stool as well as unclean vent of the bird.Check if the droppings contain undigested seeds.

Look for physical injuries such as bleeding feet or swollen feet. Also look for cuts under the wings or feather plucking.

Remember feather plucking is very common among Cockatoos and may be due to mental illness.

If you notice any of these changes, visit an avian Vet as soon as possible!

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