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What do Budgies or Parakeets do at night?Pet Birds At Night

Budgies, lovebirds or any other bird as a matter of fact, go to sleep as soon as it becomes dark, if you switch of the lights, they will think it's night time and sleep high up in their cage where they feel it is safe for them to be sleeping, all this comes from tactics to "stay alive" developed over thousands of years by birds.Pet birds during night time, if you have noticed all cuddle up together as united they have more protection and also they never make noise until they are uncomfortable at night times.Sometimes my lovebird would take a nibble at my parakeets or cockatiels and they would freak out at night, this is not good as if they flutter about in their cage, they may break their wing feathers or even worse break some bone.So it is always best to keep the cage under a cloth as this always calms them down, but make sure you have left space for air to get in and out.

Also If your birds are making constant noise at night even in the dark, check for mosquitoes as this once happened to my birds, the mosquitoes were biting the legs of my birds.Do not spray bug spray as this can kill the birds, make sure you take them to a place where the mosquitoes are less and comfort them, And if your birds wings are clipped, then switch on he ceiling fan to make the mosquitoes go away.

Check out my budgie or parakeet at night in Night Vision Camera.

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