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A beautiful Parakeet / Budgie Pair or couple

What better sight than a pair of cute little ball of feathers, that are budgies or parakeets. A pair does not have to be a Male and  a Female, it can be two females or two males also. They get along fine and even preen each other. Budgies are not monogamous, that is they do not bond for life. But usually they will be bonded un till one of them dies. Budgies alone is not a good sight as they are meant to be in large flocks and they look beautiful when with a lot of other parakeets. In the wild they travel in flocks of thousands. Well, at home, let us at least keep two of them together if not more.

You can see a video of Budgie flock in the wild:

But at home, you can just watch two of them have fun the whole day without getting bored. They keep chirping, jumping around and playing with their toys all day, and when they get tired is the cutest part, they cuddle up like a two small fur balls and sleep tight!
You can see my birds at home:

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