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Parrot Prophecies and predictions in India!

India is famous for its culture and heritage, among many things it is also famous for its Seers who carry parrots along with them which make prophecies or predictions.Many People believe the prophecies to be true while it does draw its fair share of critics as well.

Actually these parrots are Indian Ringneck Parakeets or commonly called just "parrots" in India with the stereotypical green body and red beak for a parrot.

The sad thing is that they are being carried in very small boxes or crates with barely enough room to move.
These prophetical parrots are mainly found in south India in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.
Although these Indian prophetical parrots are carried in small crates they are fed well and taken care of well as its the source of livelihood for the seers.

Indians although many do not believe in the predictions still pay a small amount of money usually five or ten rupees to just see the parrots.

Here are some videos of Indian Prophecy Parrots:

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