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United States Travel With Pet Birds - Pet Bird Relocation Tips

Before travelling, you should always check all the boxes and prepare for transport of any pets such as dogs, cats, reptiles and birds are no exception. If your trip is going to take you away for a while, it is better to prepare as early as possible. Flying with birds calls for more research and preparation.
For short trips such as to a veterinarian, a friend's place or neighbor , or a picnic, it's better to get your pet used to a small travel cage or crate, so that it will not be scared or traumatized when travelling. Pet birds can react very well or very badly to travel depending the weather they are used to and their personality.
During Airline travel, some airline agencies and companies require a medical certificate from a certified avian veterinarian to say that the bird is free from diseases as they do not want any illness to be transported.
Always make sure that the bird and its cage are properly secured and do not jerk about upon turbulence.
Always use a cage cover to keep the bird more comfortable and feel safe as it is in a new place while travelling.The cover can also protect your bird from cold and wind.
Keep water dishes and food dishes in the travel cage as the bird may get hungry.
Keep watching your bird constantly for signs of stress and comfort them by preening them or talking to them quietly or whisper to them.
Keep their favorite toys in the cage so that they do not feel isolated or bored and they will have something familiar to them.

Always before travelling, check the local rules and regulations especially for exotic pet birds as you would not want to get in trouble with the law.

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