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Preethi Farms - Exotic Pet Bird and Dog breeders India Coimbatore - Review

I have been searching for good exotic pet bird breeders in India for a while and found a few good ones, I have already written about the amazing pet shop in Bangalore and now i will shift my focus to Preethi farms from Coimbatore.

Preethi Farms are involved in exotic pet bird breeding since a while now and are pretty experienced.
Preethi Farms seem to love the exotic pet birds and have hand tamed the babies pretty well.
There are many exotic pet bird species available from cockatoos, macaws, conures, parrots etc.
I am not too well versed with Preethi Farms Dog breeding program so I will not comment on that.
Over all Preethi Farms are what every Indian bird lover wanted, Preethi Farms even sells cages, cage accessories, Imported bird food etc.
One advantage that Preethi Farms has is that they are giving videos of thier exotic  pet birds so that you can see how they are on Youtube.
You can check Preethi Farms youtube channel HERE
You Can Check out Preethi Farms Blog and website as well:
So Overall Preethi Farms Is a good place to buy exotic pet birds.

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