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Increase your Adsense CTR Immediately Fast

Have you experienced those frustrating days when you see hundreds of visitors and no money made at all?I will help you out with making money online from home using Adsense by increasing your CTR.

Here are some tips:

Make sure you have a lot of text in your page which is serving google adsense ads, as this gives more keywords for the ads to work with and hence get more targeted ads, which of course leads to better CTR.

Do not put titles for your ads such as Sponsored Links or Advertisements as you do not want to tell people that they are ads, then they will be less inclined to click on them.

Always place ads on top of content as the surfers or readers will have to see them first.This may increase CTR.

Try to place them on the right side as when people scroll, they will see the ads.

Provide some free space around ads, so that they are noticeable.But make sure they are not isolated as well.

Use Large Rectangles or Wide Sky scrapers as this is known to be best for optimizing CTR.

Match th colors of you blog or website with the color of your ads, this will make it seem more like part of the website and not as ads.

Hope it helped.
Check out our many other adsense topics like this one for much more information on optimizing with your adsense.

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Real Cockatoo Macaw Parrot Conure Tricks Videos! Talking tips training!

Hey welcome, many people are looking for videos of parrots, conures,macaws,cockatiels,lovebirds,parakeets or budgies doing tricks.
So here are the best that I found all over the internet!
Enjoy!Nothing better than Pet Bird tricks!
This is a Cockatiel doing some tricks!

This is crazy, An African Grey Parrot Named Einstein, The most intelligent bird in the world!

This is a Macaw doing some tricks!

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Happy Friends Lovebird and Budgie!

What an odd friendship, a lovebird and a budgie.
One Lovebird from Africa and One Budgie or parakeet from Australia, in nature if it were not for humans, they would have never met in a million years.But now they seem to be best friends, as if they were naturally living in the same habitat for centuries together.
They eat together, bathe together, sleep together, preen together as well as scream and make noise together and live happily together.
Check out their video, my Budgie and Lovebird!
They are eating coriander stuck to a big window where they love to look out and scream at people going on the road.

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Adsense Intelligence and Optimization. Earn over 5000$ a month.

Are you a registered adsense user? If yes, You have come to the right place. Have you ever wondered how some people manage to rake in huge amounts of cash in adsense each month?

Well for one thing they have been at it for a while, may be even for years.
You cannot expect to start earning thousands from day one, unless you have a hugely popular website or blog already and get lucky with ad placements and optimization, then you are an exception, not the rule.

Adsense Optimization to earn over 5000$ a month is not at all easy and requires some amount of work.
Please check out this video for more.

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Can African Grey Parrots be kept together with Macaw and Cockatiel?

African grey parrots are not very ferocious or unfriendly parrots, they are actually very friendly parrots indeed.
But a Macaw can get breathing problems as described in Can macaw and cockatoo be kept together?, due tot the excessive dust particles sent out by African Grey Parrots and Cockatiels. The cockatiel may get hurt inadvertently if kept with these larger birds.
So a cockatiel cannot be kept with a Macaw and an African Grey Parrot.
Also Macaws and African Grey parrots and cockatiels need very different foods and if you keep them together, you will have to feed them the same thing as if you keep out a food bowl, they both will eat the same thing and some foods which are excellent for Macaws may not be that great for African Greys.
For example, African Grey Parrots do not eat the brazil nut but for Macaws they are a favorite.

So please be careful when you put two different birds together.

Also check out, Can Lovebirds and Parakeets be Kept together?
Can Lovebirds Cockatiels and Parakeets live happily together?

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Lovebird and Cockatiel Cross Breeding Hybrid ? Legal?

Well, I'm back to Pet Bird topics, today i'm talking about a very interesting yet weird topic about pet birds.
Is Cockatiel and Lovebird cross breed hybrid possible?
Well If you see the video below, you will believe so!

But naturally it is impossible, only in captivity that these situations arise, even then some really good breeding conditions need to be maintained and same type of birds should not be there as well.

I do not think it is legal to breed to new types of sub species as it may harm the environment!
So please do not go for such crazy stuff, you will never know what you will get out of it!

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Adsense worth for traffic from Asia or Africa?Pays Very Less.

Do you have adsense ads running on websites intended for traffic from Asia or Africa?

If you do, you are very unlucky as Adsense CPC for Asia and Africa is very low indeed, you may be noticing very low CPC , even as low as .001$, this is due to the fact that people from Asia and Africa just do not buy anything online, it is culture prevalent in many of the developing countries and nations.
They have been brought up that way and hence do not feel secure or safe while doing any transactions online.
You cannot blame them.

But if i owned a blog or a website for targeted asian traffic or african traffic I would try to diversify and expand!
Try new things and expand your niche beyond these two continents.

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Adsense Best Conversion Rate Targets - USA UK

Want to earn big on adsense?Who doesn't?So what should you do to earn big on adsense?

Here is the most important thing, Imagine your target traffic for your website or blog is from Asia and you get a thousand visitors from Asia, and probably get a decent CTR.

So for thousand visitors you may earn around a few dollars due to low average CPC of Asian countries.

Now, Imagine your target traffic is USA or UK, who have the most inclination to buying stuff and services online through use of credit cards, Then just imagine you get only 500 visitors a day, half of what you get with Asian target traffic, but you earn a lot more easily due to higher CPC of USA and UK.

Did you understand?
USA and UK are the best places to get traffic from as advertisers are more willing to pay even more for these traffic segments rather than Asia or Africa.

Take a look at average CPC for different countries.

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The Adsense Success Rate in Europe, USA and Asia

Here is an estimate of Adsense success rates in Europe,USA and Asia taking in to  account number of adsense publishers, CPC, eCPM, legitimacy, Difficulty of SEO and Regional average adsense CPC .

By success rates I mean for every one hundred Adsense Publishers, the number of people that would become successful in earning a substantial amount of revenue from it.Not just one odd month but every month earning decent amount of money online from Adsense.

Europe (England, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Holland, Spain, France, Ireland, Finland, Ukraine Etc) :
Success Rate - 10-12 out of 100 Publishers.
United States Of America (USA) - 14-16 out of 100 Publishers.
Asia (India,China,Japan,Korea,Malaysia,Singapore, Philippines,Bangladesh Etc)
Success Rate - 2-9 Publishers

Taking into account that some of the publishers from each country gather the same countries visitors more than other countries.

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Adbrite vs Chitika vs Infolinks vs Bidvertizer

I used Adbrite for a while in my personal blog and it did not give out very good results.I was not very happy, It has very low CPC and the advertisements do not even show up sometimes.Also it takes more than a day for the first time advertisements to show up.They are not content related at all, so no use of targeted traffic.

Chitika is slightly better than Adbrite, although Chitika has all the above problems, the magnitude of these problems is less.But Chitika Ads can be seen only by those in USA although anyone around the world can put it up.

Infolinks is an advertising platform which can be used along with Google Adsense.These are mainly In-Line Ads and do not have much CPC due to the fact that they are not content based.Also you need to have a PayPal account for Infolinks.

Bidvertizer: Bidvertizer is slightly better than all the three above and provides some level of targeted advertisements based on our content,

Out of these four I would go for Bidvertizer and Infolinks.
Tweet it and share it if you liked it!

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Adsense enabled websites get higher Google page rank and search engine?

Since a long time webmasters have been arguing whether Google pushes up the page rank and hence consequently push up a website or blog in the search engine so that adsense websites get more exposure and hence make more money for Google.

I really do not believe this.
If Google were doing this, then some tech genius would have found out and spread the news.
If this happened then Google would lose its credentials and lose some traffic to its search engine, other search engines would have made it a really big issue.
Even without Google help website and blog owners who have adsense on their websites know how to SEO and they do it really well indeed.
Anyways Google will earn billions from Adsense each year and does not even need to do this.

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Lovebirds Parakeets Parrots Macaws and cockatoos love to chew wood and Paper!

Hey Pet BIrd lovers, I'm back to writing about Pet Birds!
As all pet bird owners would have noticed, Lovebirds, Parakeets, Cockatiel, Macaws,Cockatoos, Parrots love to chew anything they can get their hands on, I mean Beaks on!They usually do this as it amuses them and entertains them, helps them get over boredom as well as it is very essential and helpful for keeping their beaks trim and well maintained.If it were not for your birds chewing wood or paper or their perches, they would be having long and crooked beaks, this happened to one of my Budgies once, It was difficult for it to feed as well.
Later It became better and started eating properly!

So give your birds lots of stuff to chew on such as wood, paper, some natural soft wood would be perfect for them to chew on!

Here Take a look at my budgie Chewing some wood !!SO CUTE!!

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Adsense India - Tips to get Adsense Account Approval

Adsense is something all website or blog owners want to have as a means of revenue or additional income.
Over the years it has become tough for Indians to get accepted into Adsense program due to various reasons, we are not here to discuss them, I will tell you some things you can do to get Adsense Approval for your account for sure.
1)You need to have a website or blog for more than six months.Preferably If you have it for a year or so, Google will know it can trust you and your website.
2)Do not use any other Advertising agencies at the time of Applying for the adsense account.This will surely make your application get rejected.
3)Have very good content on your website or blog which is UNIQUE and not copied from somewhere.
4)Do not have content that is against the rules of Adsense Program Policies.
5)Better to have your own domain.There are speculations that Google does not accept Sub domains, although after being accepted, you can add advertisements to your blogs or sub domains.
6)Give proper details that are matching your Google account, as this will be essential.

Hope it helped.
Check out other Adsense topics aswell under ADSENSE topic.

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Real Top Adsense Earners Over 100000$ a month Tips

1)Markus Frind
Owner Of
Makes over 300000$ a month.
2)Kevin Rose
Owner of
Makes over 250000$ a month.
3)Jeremy Shoemaker
Owner of
Makes over 130000$ a month.
4)Jason Calacinas
Owner of Weblogs, Inc.
Makes over 110000$ a month.
4)David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard 
Owner of
Makes over 100000$ a month.

Wooh! These are the best of the best at making money through adsense.
People like this need to be admired.
The top Indian Earner is Amit Agarwal, The first independent blogger of India.
He rakes in over 36ooo$ a month!
I will soon get a list of top earners from new zealand, Britain, Africa, Switzerland, Denmark, Asia, Australia, France and Spain.
Even countries like Egypt, Norway, Nederlands, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Hungary will get a top earners page on my blog.

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Why Adsense is best and Alternatives are bad? Tips

Google Adsense program is the best advertising stage for advertisers as well as best publishing opportunity.
Here  I would like to tell you why Adsense is the best there is and why other alternatives do not make the cut.

Adsense pays more!
Adsense clearly pays more than other advertising networks such as Bidvertizer, Adbrite, Chitika Etc.
Adsense gives more ads that are related to your content on your website or blog, which is the only way you are going to make money.
Adsense has prompt advertiser and publisher support as well as forums for reporting issues Etc, so all your queries will get resolved very fast, I'm speaking from first hand experience.
Adsense has strict rules of publishing and hence Advertisers like them.
Adbrite, Chitika etc do not seem to give proper CPC, I have experienced.They rarely give out checks on time as well.

So overall Adsense is best for advertising as well as publishing, this is clearly stated by the facts above and also that adsense is ten times bigger than any other advertising company.

If you are interested in adsense, you should visit the following:
Adsense Tips : Reduce Bounce rate and earn thousands.
Adsense PIN problems.
Adsense India Tips Check delivery.
Also Check out  other ways of making money online.

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Adsense India Tips - PIN Cheque delivery

Adsense in India has grown enormously, With thousands of publishers, India is playing a major part in adsense business.
In countries like India Google wants a Blog or a website to be operational for at least six months to be able to qualify for adsense program.It also requires your website to have quality original content and not be websites made only for adsense.
You should preferably not be advertising any other ad agencies in your website or blog.
Adsense outsources its PIN and cheque delivery and hence some remote parts of India is not recieving them on time.
I have seen many forums where Indians are complaining about how they did not recieve PIN or cheque.
Make sure you have written your adsense address properly in your account.
Make sure you are at home during possible delivery dates to collect the post.
Make sure you check with local postman and post office for information.

Also see Adsense PIN Problems for more info.

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Adsense Tips : Reduce Bounce rate and earn Thousands of dollars!

Google adsense is a world wide phenomenon to earn money online.Today, taking time of my pet bird duties, I am going to give a really important lesson in earning more from adsense!
What is bounce rate?
Bounce rate is the number of visitors that leave your website from the landing page after only one page view.
If your bounce rate is high, Google will think your site has irrelevant content to the title and pushes it down in the Google search engine.This is true not only for Google but also other search engines.The higher the bounce rate, the more customers you are losing each day. 
Now for the important bit:

What should i do to reduce bounce rate?
Keep your description and keywords relevant to your website content.
Put links in your website leading to other pages.
Put images on which people can click on and go to other pages of your blog or website.
Advertise your other pages and the uniqueness of their content.
Also reduce the number of out bound links from your website or blog.
Keep the users interested by making each page look great, like this blog, and also involve great information relevant to the topics of your Meta Description and Keywords!

Also Check out Adsense PIN problem, If you are into Adsense you will definitely need it.

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Why are Lovebirds So cute? Cuter than Puppy dogs!

Lovebirds are definitely the cutest things you can see on the planet when they want to be, they can also be very mean as I have blogged about in Lovebirds and Parakeets kept together. But what better sight than a pair of peach face lovebirds cuddling and preening? They are absolutely lovely, Probably where the name Lovebirds comes from!Surely they are cuter than Puppy dogs, even golden retriever puppies!<3<3<3

These are my two lovebirds acting really cute, sleeping by the steps corner after having a nice meal of vegetables, fruits, pellets and seed mix and also after playing with their other friends, my cockatiel snowy and my plenty of parakeets.
Some times they do need some alone time away from the other birds.
The other birds too were sleeping away from camera view.SUCH CUTENESS!I LOVE MY BIRDS!!
The second video is not mine, but i love it so wanted to share it with you guys!

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Google Adsense France Britain Asia New Zealand PIN Tips

Today im taking time off my usual articles and posts about pet birds to write about Adsense PIN Issues in the countries of France Britain Asia New Zealand Australia Denmark Switzerland Africa Etc, actually all places other than North America.

Every around the world people are participating in Google Adsense Program and hence earning money online from quality content on their websites or blogs.But for countries and continents other than North America, there has always been that trouble of PIN not being recieved or payment cheques not being recieved due to postal service problems.
The process of sending out the PIN is probably outsourced and hence may be some sub-standard to that of Google services.
Plus usually the people who want to receive the mail may not be at home when it arrives and hence may miss it and think it has never arrived.
You can alsways ask for two more PIN to be sent if you do not recieve the first PIN in 2 to 4 weeks.
So what to do if do not recieve PIN even in three attempts?
Wait for a month and google will contact you through your Adsense account for further details on what to do, do not worry there is definitely a solution.
Hope It Helped.
Please check out my Pet Bird Topics.

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Pet Birds for sale in Denmark

Denmark is a country that has long fascinated me, ever since I was a small child, The Danish Alps, The cold weather, the snow, wonderful. But not the greatest place to keep pet birds at home unless you have a good heating system for your whole house, I always thought only snowy owls could live in countries like Denmark, but I was wrong, I am here to help people of Denmark find Pet birds to buy.

I did some searching and found a website that offers, Parakeets or Budgies, Lovebirds, Cockatiels and I also think they offer larger birds such as Macaws, Parrots and Cockatoos, not sure though.

You can find the prices of all Pet birds.
Also check out Pet Birds In united Kingdom, as they have similar weather to Denmark.
Please check out this Website for more:

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What do Budgies or Parakeets do at night?Pet Birds At Night

Budgies, lovebirds or any other bird as a matter of fact, go to sleep as soon as it becomes dark, if you switch of the lights, they will think it's night time and sleep high up in their cage where they feel it is safe for them to be sleeping, all this comes from tactics to "stay alive" developed over thousands of years by birds.Pet birds during night time, if you have noticed all cuddle up together as united they have more protection and also they never make noise until they are uncomfortable at night times.Sometimes my lovebird would take a nibble at my parakeets or cockatiels and they would freak out at night, this is not good as if they flutter about in their cage, they may break their wing feathers or even worse break some bone.So it is always best to keep the cage under a cloth as this always calms them down, but make sure you have left space for air to get in and out.

Also If your birds are making constant noise at night even in the dark, check for mosquitoes as this once happened to my birds, the mosquitoes were biting the legs of my birds.Do not spray bug spray as this can kill the birds, make sure you take them to a place where the mosquitoes are less and comfort them, And if your birds wings are clipped, then switch on he ceiling fan to make the mosquitoes go away.

Check out my budgie or parakeet at night in Night Vision Camera.

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United States Travel With Pet Birds - Pet Bird Relocation Tips

Before travelling, you should always check all the boxes and prepare for transport of any pets such as dogs, cats, reptiles and birds are no exception. If your trip is going to take you away for a while, it is better to prepare as early as possible. Flying with birds calls for more research and preparation.
For short trips such as to a veterinarian, a friend's place or neighbor , or a picnic, it's better to get your pet used to a small travel cage or crate, so that it will not be scared or traumatized when travelling. Pet birds can react very well or very badly to travel depending the weather they are used to and their personality.
During Airline travel, some airline agencies and companies require a medical certificate from a certified avian veterinarian to say that the bird is free from diseases as they do not want any illness to be transported.
Always make sure that the bird and its cage are properly secured and do not jerk about upon turbulence.
Always use a cage cover to keep the bird more comfortable and feel safe as it is in a new place while travelling.The cover can also protect your bird from cold and wind.
Keep water dishes and food dishes in the travel cage as the bird may get hungry.
Keep watching your bird constantly for signs of stress and comfort them by preening them or talking to them quietly or whisper to them.
Keep their favorite toys in the cage so that they do not feel isolated or bored and they will have something familiar to them.

Always before travelling, check the local rules and regulations especially for exotic pet birds as you would not want to get in trouble with the law.

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Elements of Pet Nutrition

Elements of Pet Nutrition

Elements of Pet Nutrition is a Brilliant place to learn about nutrition for pets and also buy what is necessary.
This is where I learnt about nutrition for my Pet Birds, I hope to pass on the Knowledge to you as well.

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Famous Birds Of India

India is famous for many things such as cricket, spicy food, cuisine Etc.
India is also famous for its Birds, here are a few that are very famous indeed.
I'm not talking about those wild birds, no, but about those pet birds, as this is a pet birds blog!

1) We already talked about the man who is living side by side with his two parrots and how they go around with him everywhere, even on his Motor Bike.
See Indian Man living side by side with his two parrots in Tamil Nadu
2)This African Grey Parrot is known for singing Sacred Prayers, it is found in Gujarat.
African Greys are known to be extremely good talkers, but this African grey parrot in India has taken to singing sacred prayers as well.This bird is almost as famous as Einstein the talking parrot.

3)The Indian Ring-neck Parrot or Parakeet: This bird native to India is one of the most famous and well known varieties of pet birds.They are very common as Pet Birds as well and in India you can buy them for a price of around 40000 Rs.In the USA they may cost up-to a 1000$. But they are well worth it.

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Pet Birds Nepal, Sri Lanka : Buy Sell Information

Exotic Pet birds have not hit it of in Nepal and Sri Lanka, the number of pet birds in these countries is less than those in India, much less.
Unfortunately there are not many exotic pet bird breeders in Nepal and Sri Lanka and hence pet bird lovers are at a loss. I'm sure you can find some local pet stores and shops which sell pet birds like parakeets or budgies, cockatiels and lovebirds but not the bigger birds like parrots and macaws and cockatoos.
So if you want to buy them you will have to import them from India.
I also recommend this website for pet lovers in Sri Lanka.
You can check out pet bird breeders in India.

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A beautiful Parakeet / Budgie Pair or couple

What better sight than a pair of cute little ball of feathers, that are budgies or parakeets. A pair does not have to be a Male and  a Female, it can be two females or two males also. They get along fine and even preen each other. Budgies are not monogamous, that is they do not bond for life. But usually they will be bonded un till one of them dies. Budgies alone is not a good sight as they are meant to be in large flocks and they look beautiful when with a lot of other parakeets. In the wild they travel in flocks of thousands. Well, at home, let us at least keep two of them together if not more.

You can see a video of Budgie flock in the wild:

But at home, you can just watch two of them have fun the whole day without getting bored. They keep chirping, jumping around and playing with their toys all day, and when they get tired is the cutest part, they cuddle up like a two small fur balls and sleep tight!
You can see my birds at home:

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Symptoms Of a Sick Parrot

When anyone buys a pet parrot, they usually do not think about what would happen if the parrot got sick or ill.
When a bird gets sick, it usually does not show it until it has become very serious, birds do this as they avoid looking weak to ward off predators in the wild.When parrots do show signs of sickness, they would usually be too sick to be treated, and usually pass away.

But, not to worry, there are signs of illness you should look out for, I will brief some of them here.

The main thing would be to look for any change from normal activity such as lethargy, sleeping too much, breathing heavily, feathers looking very dull, fluffed up birds, nasal discharge, vomiting.As soon as you see this take the parrot to an Avian Veterinarian as soon as possible.

Look for signs of loss of appetite or eating excessively or the parrot hanging around the food bowl and not moving anywhere else.

Also Look for redness around the eyes, discharge from eyes and a watery stool as well as unclean vent of the bird.Check if the droppings contain undigested seeds.

Look for physical injuries such as bleeding feet or swollen feet. Also look for cuts under the wings or feather plucking.

Remember feather plucking is very common among Cockatoos and may be due to mental illness.

If you notice any of these changes, visit an avian Vet as soon as possible!

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Pet Birds In Germany - Pearl Cockatiel Mutation Origin

Pet Birds have long been part of families in Germany, although the weather does not suit import of pet birds from Africa, South America and Asia. Cockatiels are very famous in Germany, they are probably the most kept pet birds in Germany. This is no surprise as the first Pearl Cockatiel color mutation was bred in Germany, thanks to dedicated pet bird lovers in 1967, over forty three years have passed and now they are an extremely popular breed of cockatiel around the world, they are also one of the more expensive Cockatiel species in the world.
Their characteristics are distinct from other types of the same species.

Apart from cockatiels, Parakeets and Lovebirds as well as some larger parrots have been known to be kept in Germany.

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Pet Birds in the United Kingdom ( UK ) - England

United Kingdom is known for its mild summers to very cold winters, especially in England, when the winter temperatures would reach a chilling -5 or -10. Due to this extreme weather not many pet birds can be kept as pets in England or the UK in general.
Although I did a lot of research, I could not find what kind of pet birds could survive here. You can try the native Finches in your parts of the world, I am sure they will be able to withstand the cold.

Also I am sure each and every one of you will have heaters installed in your house, so you might be able to raise pet birds but if they escape from the house, they will surely die outside.May be Lovebirds or Parakeets may do the trick, I would not recommend Cockatiels as they are not very rugged birds.

I would not recommend Pet Birds for people in UK, I think you should rather go for Dogs or Native Cat species.

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Pet Birds Bangladesh - Prices and Information.

Recently I have been getting an influx of visitors from Bangladesh, the neighboring country to India.Due to this I would like to give something back to them.
I did some research and found out that the people of Bangladesh are interested in Pet birds such as Parakeets or budgies, lovebirds, cockatiels and parrots.
The Prices for all Pet birds - Pet Bird Price List
The Prices will definitely be pretty much the same as in India as Bengal is bordering Bangladesh and even in Bengal, these prices are prevalent.
As far as buying pet birds online or pet bird accesories, I advice you to visit For more, Its a Bangladeshi site for pets.

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Wing clipping clip for Macaws, Cockatoos, Parrots.

Wing clipping is very essential for the safety of a pet bird in the house. An Un - clipped bird may fly about randomly and crash into walls, mirrors or ceiling fans, which may break the neck of a bird or cause it's skull to fracture, or may even kill the bird in the case of a ceiling fan. Especially larger birds such as Macaws, Cockatoos and larger parrots.

To clip a large birds wings is not easy.The larger birds such as Macaws, Cockatoos and other larger parrots are too big to handle easily and safely. You may cause injury to the birds wings or the bird may bite you, remember a bite from big birds is tough to handle even for tough guys! It may even result in broken fingers and bleeding.

So I would recommend you take your bird to an avian veterinarian  as they would be experienced in clipping the wings of the bird.I would recommend you to watch and learn the first few times and then you can do it on your own.
The time you are ready to cut a birds wings is when you can differentiate between flight feathers and blood feathers.
Once you know how to clip wings, you should use a cloth or towel to cover the face of the bird, but not tightly, it needs to be comfortable. This calms the bird down for the clipping process. You do not need a bird shaking about while clipping its wings.
You should also use scissors with blunt ends so that you do not poke the bird. Also look out for the legs, birds usually hide their legs next to their wings, so be careful.

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Importance of Perches for Pet Birds

Perches are the most important thing you need when buying a bird, remember a bird can live without a cage but it requires perches to sit on as they enjoy sitting on perches than flat surfaces like floors. Perches can be fitted into cages or kept outside. The favorite perch for a pet bird or parrot would be a T - Stand Perch.You must consider getting one for your pet bird. You can buy perches online for small cost of few dollars.

What type of perches to use?what type of perches not to use?
Perches come in all shapes,sizes,textures, colors.
You should consider getting at least three different types of perches for your pet bird's cage as they need variety.
Make sure you don't have any perches that are same circumference throughout, get one with varying diameter.Birds love this. Don't get any perches with paint coated on them as birds often bite their perches and you don't want them to be swallowing any paint, this may make them very sick.
Also make sure you get natural wood perches and rope perches as these are very good for the birds to chew on, something they like very much.
Getting a concrete perch also would not be a bad idea as they help trim the birds nails, a task you would have to do manually if you didn't have concrete perches.Also pet birds love Boing perches, you can buy them online as well.They will be slightly more costly.
Finally make sure you replace broken perches as you don't want your birds getting injured.

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Best Foods For your Parakeet or Budgie

Having owned  parakeets for the last seven years, I have developed some good knowledge on what to feed a parakeet or a budgie. Before you start reading, you should know that each budgie is different and hence needs different ways of feeding and has different tastes just like us humans do, you and your sibling share the same blood but don't have the same taste of food do you?

Lets begin.Parakeets love to eat millet.Don't give them any, I might seem harsh but millet is like a McDonald's French Fries or a Pizza Hut Pizza for us, not good for the health at all, but not bad once in a while, so keep the millet to maybe one or two servings a week, plus millet can be used as a good bribe for parakeets to encourage good behavior or to make them perform tricks, more on that later.

Parakeets need a variety of seeds, I include, little millet, little sunflower seeds, and a commercial mixture of seeds  and nuts to which I add a little bit of Oats. They absolutely love it.This is what i leave in their cage for when they get hungry.
In the evening just before they go to bed, I give them a mixture of Fruits and vegetables, you can see how to get parakeets to start eating vegetables.

I give a mixture of apples, carrots, beans, peas, coriander, red chillies, green chillies, corn on the cob Etc.
Out of all these their absolute favorite is coriander, any time of the day if they smell coriander, they go crazy!
But make sure that you do not leave the fruits and vegetables in the food dish as even after 3 or 4 hours, they may become rotten and then if your birds eat them, they may get sick.

Also parakeets do not have very strong beaks, so you need to make the fruits and vegetables to small sizes they can chew on.

You can see my Parakeet enjoying his millet feast once week.

Also a good addition to the diet would be Pellets, Zupreem Pellets are widely used by many.
But make sure that the entire diet is not Pellets.
Keep a good mix of seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, pellets for good health of your parakeet.

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Can Macaws and Cockatoos be safely kept together?

Macaws and cockatoos are both very large birds, some of the macaws include, scarlet macaw, blue and gold macaw, hyacinth macaw, green winged macaw and the smaller hanhs macaw.The cockatoos are no small parrots either, some of the cockatoos include Moluccan cockatoo, Sulphur crested cockatoo, Goffins cockatoo, Umbrella cockatoo.

Since they both are such big birds, there is absolutely no way you will find a cage big enough for both of them. Yes, you do get bird cages big enough for a pair of macaws to live together, but these are not natural bonding birds, they need room away from each other as well and hence will need much larger cages than when you keep two macaws or two cockatoos together.

Second of all cockatoos are heavy when it comes to shedding feathers, dust and dandruff, this does not go well with the macaws.

Macaws need clean air as they do not have the strongest respiratory systems. So the air they breathe should be clean.
Keeping Macaws with cockatiels and african grey parrots would be pushing it as even these smaller birds give out a lot of dust.

Then there is the case of the birds not liking each other, this may result in serious injury as both are capable of bone crunching bites and claws.
So keeping Macaws and Cockatoos in the same house is pushing it, but in the same cage, definitely a NO!

You should also see the noise factor which be like Infinite! LOL.

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Can Cockatiel Parakeet Lovebird live happily together?

Many people around the world have parakeet, lovebirds,cockatiels as pets in the same home but often resort to keeping them in separate cages, each one of which costs hundreds of dollars.
Thankfully I don't have to do so, my budgies,lovebirds and cockatiel live happily together without any fighting and enmity, although sometimes they do get nippy with each other, well that happens to all birds and even us humans sometimes get angry with our loved ones.

The surprising thing is that my parakeets and love birds are in pairs and my cockatiel is all alone but still all remain like best friends! I am so lucky to have these birds!

You may think that it is cruel to keep them in the same cage, but they are all ways outside. They go to their cage only for nap time and they all have separate places to sleep and they do so orderly each time they go to sleep!

The times they do get nippy with each other is when I feed them with the same bowl, they all jump in and the Lovebirds dominate over them and eat first, then my cockatiel and budgies get to eat, but there's plenty for every one!

You can check out my advice on Keeping lovebirds and parakeets together. I usually say don't keep them together but my case is not the normal case, it depends on the personality of the birds.

Here is a video of my budgies, lovebirds and cockatiel happily preening together!

These are my videos but you can embed them in your website if you like them!But be sure to include a link back to this blog!
Also check out my other birds pictures at MY BIRDS.

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Buy Cockatoo, macaw, parrots,cockatiel for cheap prices in India?

First thing you would do, when you have made a decision to buy a pet bird is to go check the internet for prices of the birds you want, like macaws,cockatoo,parrots,cockatiel etc. You will go looking for the cheapest prices available and make about a dozen calls to pet bird breeders and pick the lowest price offering pet bird breeder.
Not a good idea!
There is a reason why some breeders have a slightly higher price than others, some breeders use the highest quality equipment while looking after thier birds and hence will make the cost of the bird slightly higher.
Some others ill treat thier birds and are looking to offload them and hence offer a lower price.
I am not saying go look for the costliest bird and buy it, make a wise decision.
Get your sources right, ask a few experts and then go for it.
You can see prices of pet birds in india.

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Vidhya Ashram India Education - New Blog

Hello everyone, I just wanted to tell you that there is a new good blog in town and it's all about Education in India.
If you are a student you can check it out and tell me how it is, If you like it or not.
You can reach the blog by looking at the right side of the page for Vidhya Ashram Main Blog.
Tell me how it is,

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Indian man lives with his two family Parrots!Amazing story!

An Indian man from Tamil Nadu lives side by side with his two parrots, which have become a part of his family, they go wherever he goes and do whatever he does, they even eat and drink from the same vessels.

They Parrots  ride on his motorcycle when he rides it.They sit on the handle bar without any difficulty.
Some people say these birds are more intelligent than some humans! Even when he goes shopping, they just sit on his bike and wait for him to come back, looks like they just love each others company!He says he has had them since six years!
Absolutely amazing phenomenon in India!

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Buy Parrot and Bird cages in India

Cages are very important for those who have pet birds and parrots at home.You may think that it is cruel to keep bird in cage,it probably is, but birds do enjoy just sitting in their cage for a while and chilling.
Just buy a cage and keep it open, they will come in and go out when they please, My birds are out all day and go back to thier cage during the night and sleep.

You can buy good quality cages in the following websites in India:

My birds love thier cage: Both their names are "twins'. Both are hand tamed.

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Indian Birds: The Birds Of India

Ranging from the rugged and mountainous Himalayas to the thick and dense tropical forests, India plays host to some of the most beautiful and rare birds in the world during particular seasons of India.Since a long time India is known for it's beautiful birds and Bird Watching. More than one thousand species of birds are found in India. The beautiful and natural atmosphere and the quite and calm serenity of the Indian forests capture the interests of it's visitors for hours. If you really love bird watching then make sure to visit the famous Bird Sanctuaries of India. The rich variety of birds will not leave you bored even for a minute.This is also one of the main reason for the millions of tourists coming to India each year. The famous species of birds of India are, Indian Peafowl,  Common Kingfishers, Cuckoo- the Koel, Minvets and Sarus crane.Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is one the best bird sanctuaries in the world,it has also been declared as a world heritage site since the 1980's.In southern India, are the world famous Great Horn Bills and the Pied Horn Bills in the south western ghats. Unfortunately these wonderful species are endangered.

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Parrot Prophecies and predictions in India!

India is famous for its culture and heritage, among many things it is also famous for its Seers who carry parrots along with them which make prophecies or predictions.Many People believe the prophecies to be true while it does draw its fair share of critics as well.

Actually these parrots are Indian Ringneck Parakeets or commonly called just "parrots" in India with the stereotypical green body and red beak for a parrot.

The sad thing is that they are being carried in very small boxes or crates with barely enough room to move.
These prophetical parrots are mainly found in south India in states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka.
Although these Indian prophetical parrots are carried in small crates they are fed well and taken care of well as its the source of livelihood for the seers.

Indians although many do not believe in the predictions still pay a small amount of money usually five or ten rupees to just see the parrots.

Here are some videos of Indian Prophecy Parrots:

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Experienced Pet Birds Owner Bangalore India

Hello I am running this blog to help my fellow pet bird owners in Bangalore and India to take care of thier pet birds better.
How is this different from many millions of websites that give out information to people about pet birds?
This is run from India, most of the websites are run from foriegn countries and hence they do not understand the conditions in India. For example: They tell you to feed your Pet Birds Zupreem Pellets but where do get them in India?
You Don't.
So we need Special advice here in India.
I hope to give you information on anything on Pet Birds In India, So If you want something, please leave a comment.
Here is a picture of my pets:
I have many more Birds.

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Hyacinth Macaw as a Pet

Hyacinth Macaws are the most beautiful and grandeur of all the macaw family. They are also the biggest of all exotic pet birds and also the most expensive.They have beautiful blue plumage and yellow around their black beaks which can cut metal.

Hyacinth Macaws cost anywhere between 10000 to 16000 $(dollars) and Rs 300000 In Asian countries like India, Pakistan ,Sri Lanka Etc.

To take care of a Hyacinth Macaws daily needs, you may need in upwards of 400$ a month as it is has specific needs compared to many other exotic Pet Birds.That adds up to to 3600$ a year.

Hyacinth macaws should always be bought from a breeder who has spent time training and taming the macaw as they become nearly uncontrollable if not hand tamed due to their size.

Hyacinth Macaws need a large cage at least 7 feet wide and 5 feet Tall and 6 feet deep.
This should be the smallest cage you are ready to put the macaw in.

Hyacinth macaws need regular supply of exotic nut and tropical fruits and vegetables for maintenance of good health.There is no better sight than a fully healthy Hyacinth Macaw.

In India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka, Afghanistan,Bangladesh Hyacinth Macaws can thrive but please check out my Posts on Pet Birds suitable for India for more.

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CreekWood Birds - Exotic Pet Bird Breeders in India, Pune Maharashtra

CreekWood Birds is Another Good exotic pet bird breeder in India located in Pune Maharashtra.
CreekWood Birds seem to be the only Exotic Pet bird breeder in Pune, Maharashtra.

I Checked out there website and CreekWood Birds seem to be really good and knowledgeable people when it comes to raising exotic pet birds in India.

CreekWood Birds seem to sell the following exotic pet birds in India:
African Lovebirds
African Grey Parrots
Amazon Parrots
Australian Parakeets
Macaws Etc.

CreekWood Birds have a good collection, I have to say.
CreekWood Birds also seem to offer pigeons and doves.
You can check out CreekWood Birds photo gallery and website :

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Lot of African Grey Parrots for sale in India, But do you want to buy it?

African Grey Parrots are without a doubt most intelligent of all parrots and the most with an inclination to talking.
African Grey Parrots are the reasons why they are in so much demand all over the world, including India.

Lot of people are hand raising african grey parrots in thier houses or in pet bird breeding farms around India, including places like Bangalore, mumba, delhi, kolkata, chennai, punjab etc.

African Grey Parrots are available for an average price of around Rs. 40000 all over India.

With a price that hefty, you might think who would want to buy African Grey Parrots, but there is huge demand for African Grey Parrots in India.
But do you really want to buy African Grey Parrots?
First of all their initial price is heavy.
Cost of food, toys, cage, vet bills, even more than their price.
African Grey Parrots can be very vocal and exactly suited for apartments or close by housing societies, their call can be heard from 100 meters away.
African Grey Parrots live to be 45 to 50 years old, which is a big lifespan and average age so you should know its a life long commitment.
African Grey Parrots need constant attention as they are so intelligent.
The Indian Law is also not certain about the owning of Parrots.
Most importantly, African Grey Parrots are more used to the drier weathers of Africa rather than the moist climate of India.

So please think about all this and buy African Grey Parrots only if you can give them the best quality life.

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Exotic Pet Bird Cost in USA - Pet Bird Price List

Here are the prices of exotic pet birds in the USA:
My friend lving in the USA has helped me to find out the prices of exotic pet birds in the USA, they are about 95% accurate for sure.
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Budgie/Parakeet: 20
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Cockatiel: 50 - 80
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Lovebird: 50- 75
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Sun conure: 350
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Green Cheek Conure: 175
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Sulphur crested cockatoo: 700-1200
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Black Palm Cockatoo: 12000 (endangered)
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Moluccan Cockatoo: 1000-1500
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Umbrella Cockatoo :  1000-1300
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Amazon Parrots: 1400-1600
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : African Grey Parrot: 800
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Goffins Cockatoo: 600
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Scarlet, Blue and Gold Macaw: 1500-3000
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Hyacinth Macaw: 10000-16000
Cost Of exotic pet birds in the USA $ : Hanhs Macaw : 500

Hope this helped, If you need any other exotic pet bird prices, leave a comment I will try to find out.

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Preethi Farms - Exotic Pet Bird and Dog breeders India Coimbatore - Review

I have been searching for good exotic pet bird breeders in India for a while and found a few good ones, I have already written about the amazing pet shop in Bangalore and now i will shift my focus to Preethi farms from Coimbatore.

Preethi Farms are involved in exotic pet bird breeding since a while now and are pretty experienced.
Preethi Farms seem to love the exotic pet birds and have hand tamed the babies pretty well.
There are many exotic pet bird species available from cockatoos, macaws, conures, parrots etc.
I am not too well versed with Preethi Farms Dog breeding program so I will not comment on that.
Over all Preethi Farms are what every Indian bird lover wanted, Preethi Farms even sells cages, cage accessories, Imported bird food etc.
One advantage that Preethi Farms has is that they are giving videos of thier exotic  pet birds so that you can see how they are on Youtube.
You can check Preethi Farms youtube channel HERE
You Can Check out Preethi Farms Blog and website as well:
So Overall Preethi Farms Is a good place to buy exotic pet birds.

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How to get Budgies Parakeets to start eating vegetables?

Hi, I am writing from India, I hope people from India who are interested in exotic pet bird raising as a hobby or business know that there are others like them out there.

So coming to budgies eating vegetables, first of all you should know that a parakeets beak is not very strong so it may not be able to eat some vegetables.
Budgies love coriander, chillies, corn on the cob, apples etc.
Slowly introduce them to eating vegetables and fruits by putting small bits of vegetables and fruits in their food bowl.You may not be successful at first but soon you will be, no doubt about it.
Even better is if you have some bigger birds that eat vegetables easily, the budgies see them and learn to eat vegetables and fruits.This I found was most successful.
My lovebirds readily eat any vegetable i give them, my budgies saw them and started eating.
Here is a video of my budgie eating coriander and chillies.
This was what i was talking about, my budgie seeing my lovebirds and eating vegetables and fruits.

Yes these are all my birds and i own the videos, but you are free to embed them in your website.

You Can also try the following things:
Wash the raw crisp vegetables and place them in thier favourite food bowl so that they know its food.
Attach some vegetable or fruit bits to their favourite toys so that they bite into it accidentally and may like it and hence start eating it.
If Your parakeet loves taking bath then just put a few bits of finely chopped carrot or beans into the water so that they may eat it.
Mix vegetables with your parakeets seed or pellet diet and hope they start eating the vegetables and fruits as well.
Remove the vegetables and fruits that have become rotten or wilted as their presence will make the budgie not want to eat.

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Can Lovebirds and Parakeets/budgies be kept together?live together?

A very frequent question by all those who own lovebirds and parakeets and are thinking of keeping them together in the same cage.
First of all i would not recommend keeping a lovebird and parakeet together in same cage.Lovebirds and parakeets MAY fight and the lovebird WILL win.
By win, I mean break the budgies legs, tear its beak or kill it.
However my budgies and lovebirds act they are best friends sometimes, and enemies the next instant, so what I am saying is you need to supervise them.You can see here what happens when a lovebird and parakeet and fed their food together:
Here you can see Lovebirds and parakeets  being calm around each other:
Here you can see my parakeet and lovebird preening themselves with my cockatiel also around!
Yes, Lovebirds and parakeets  are my birds and i own the videos but you are free to embed them in your website.
Lovebirds and parakeets and even cockatiels can live together but they need to be supervised.

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Avian Veterinarians India, Where are the avian vets?

A very common question for all bird lovers India, As far as I have researched, I have not found any specialist avian vets in India. If you find anyone please leave a comment so I can post it here and help many others.
Although I did see a government pet hospital with pictures of birds in front in Bangalore near Nanda Theater road, yes the road covered by trees completely in the past, but now due to metro the road looks disgusting.But I am not totally sure if they are avian specialists.
You should also check out breeders like wetpets and preethi farms( Google them, they have websites) as they would probably know some good avian vet.
Hope it helped.

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Wetpets - Exotic pet birds for sale in Bangalore.

Wetpets is a pet store that I visited recently, i have to say it is one of the best pet stores in India or at least in Bangalore!
Wetpets owner is a person called Abdul Gulab Wahab, who seems to be a lover of animals.
This place has cockatoos, macaws, african grey parrots, senegal parrots, parakeets, lovebirds,cockatiels, rabbits,hamsters,cats etc.
There are three locations for this store in Bangalore.
The ones I visited was shivajinagar and infantry road.
All the birds seemed to be in excellent condition, i hope that they provide medical assistance for the birds if necessary.
I advice all pet lovers to visit this shop as soon as possible.
If you are going to buy pets, buy it from here, the people here seem to be knowledgeable about birds.
Here is there website:

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Do You Want To Own A Pet Bird In India (Indian cities)

You think you want to buy a pet bird while living in Indian cities?
Not a good idea.
Sure there are lots of pet stores that sell birds but think of taking care of the bird before buying, sure you will give it good food and water, buy it a good cage, a big cage, but have you thought of what happens if the bird is sick?
There are not many avian vets in India, not even in the metropolitan cities.Most who claim to be are more of poultry vets than for pets.So if your bird gets sick then you won't be able to do anything or than hope for it to get better or watch it suffer.
I am trying to find avian vets in India, i will get a list up as soon as i get a few good ones.

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