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Increase your Adsense CTR Immediately Fast

Have you experienced those frustrating days when you see hundreds of visitors and no money made at all?I will help you out with making money online from home using Adsense by increasing your CTR.

Here are some tips:

Make sure you have a lot of text in your page which is serving google adsense ads, as this gives more keywords for the ads to work with and hence get more targeted ads, which of course leads to better CTR.

Do not put titles for your ads such as Sponsored Links or Advertisements as you do not want to tell people that they are ads, then they will be less inclined to click on them.

Always place ads on top of content as the surfers or readers will have to see them first.This may increase CTR.

Try to place them on the right side as when people scroll, they will see the ads.

Provide some free space around ads, so that they are noticeable.But make sure they are not isolated as well.

Use Large Rectangles or Wide Sky scrapers as this is known to be best for optimizing CTR.

Match th colors of you blog or website with the color of your ads, this will make it seem more like part of the website and not as ads.

Hope it helped.
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