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Reasons Not To Use Adsense Blogger Widget

At first it seems ass though the adsense blogger widget is a dream come true, within seconds you can add up to six ads, 3 link units and 3 units as for content.A widget every blogger with adsense had dreamed of, but is it really that good or useful?
Here are some reasons why you should think twice about using the adsense blogger widget.
1)You can only place Ads where the blogger template designer allows you to, you cannot get a code to wrap text around the ads using blogger widget, you can do this only by getting the code from your adsense account.

2)You cannot get Ads under only individual posts, if you have three posts, you will need to put ads under all of them to get the ads under the post you want.

3)You cannot use URL channels.This a disadvantage to those who want to see from where the ads are coming from and which ad unit earned you the money.

4)Some of the limited color combinations available in adsense cannot match some of the blogger templates, therefore, it  looks like the ads stick out and people can easily recognize that they are ads and hence your CTR goes down.

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