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Pacific Ring of Fire related to 2012 Japan earthquake 2011

The pacific ring of fire is a horse shoe shaped region where the most amount of volcanic and earthquake activity takes place in the world.It surrounds the Pacific ocean, exactly where the Tsunami and earthquake of Japan 2011 took place, a shocking magnitude 8.9 earthquake.

About 90% of the total number of earthquakes and 80% of the strongest earthquakes occur in this region.

Now is the pacific ring of fire related to 2012 prediction?
Lets hope not, as this has been an area of intense volcanic activity since thousands of years.
So it may not be related to anything that concerns 2012, but be sure that these type of earthquakes and Tsunamis will occur even in the future in the region of Pacific Ring of Fire.

Lets hope the future ones do not affect us as much as this one.
We can only hope.

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