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The mystery of when Sachin hits hundred, India Does not win! Sad!

There were rumors about and a lot of speculation a few years back that when sachin tendulkar hits a century, India does not win the game, this was true on more than one occasion in the past but the recent similar results may prove this myth right.

Sachin Tendulkar has been the greatest Indian Cricketer with close competition only from the great Kapil Dev.
He has been a servant of the game and is probably the idol of every young aspiring cricketer, but recent results in the World cup have added fire to rumors.

When Sachin hit the 120 against England, India failed to win, when Sachin hit 111 against South Africa, India lost, so many are speculating what i have stated above.

But being Indian, we love sachin no matter what and he has done everything he can to help Indian cricket.

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