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Apple ipad2 review features camera price cost USA India England Australia

The apple ipad 2 is finally here and we can expect wonders from this latest edition of apple products to be as successful as the original ipad. With some new features allocated to improve on the design flaws of the original ipad and also to facilitate a camera in the ipad some adjustments have been made.

So here is the review by Indian blogger-

First of all its revolutionary, really thin, even thinner than the iphone, this new feature has also reduced the weight of the ipad 2 by a lot, it just feels light in your hand!
Its got 512 MB ram, which may not seem that much compared to 1GB offered by many other touch pad devices.But it can compete with all those touch devices for sure.
Ipad 2 is way faster than original ipad, which itself was considered one of the fastest around.

Can you believe it? IT HAS TWO CAMERAS!!!
One for the video calls and conferences and the other to take pictures and videos, both are high end cameras and provide best value for money.

But it lacks the revolutionary iphone retina display, which i feel would have been a perfect fit on this device.
Well, you can't have everything.

The Apple ipad 2 is not yet released in India, but it will soon.
The apple Ipad2 costs-
USA - 800$ range
Australia- 1200$ range
India - 40000 Rs.
England - 600 Euro

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