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How to add polls inside blog posts? Blogger

This was a question that haunted me for a long while, i really wanted to add Polls inside my blog posts which were related to the posts to make a better experience for my readers.

Ok so here is how you do it.

Step 1)GO to your blogs design page.

Step2)Make a poll as you would normally do on what ever topic you want and put it in the side.Till now is standard easy procedure that all bloggers, even basic ones will know.

Step3)Now go to "View Blog" after you have made the pole.

Step4)Right click your mouse and go to view page source.

Page source should look something like this
Step5)Press cntrl f, search for the name of the poll you just created.

Step6)Copy the iframe code as well as <h1> or <h2> title of the poll code.

Step7)Go to New Post and press"edit html" and insert the code.

Step8)Write your post and you can see the Poll working perfectly fine, If you have any doubt please leave comment!

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More such stuff to come soon!
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